We recently enabled advertiser retargeting through Taboola, and it’s something our customers have proven to be extremely valuable—particularly when it comes to campaign objectives like increasing conversions.

Retargeting, also called remarketing, enables marketers to reach their customers closer to the point of sale—to target people who have already shown interest in their product and are therefore more likely to convert.

Here at Taboola, we encourage a few key retargeting strategies:

  • Keep the ball rolling. The Taboola platform is a great way to introduce yourself to customers who have never previously discovered you, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Draw potential customers closer to the point of sale by creating a second campaign to retarget users who saw or clicked on the first campaign.
  • Keep in touch. Like seeing an old friend in the wild, it can be rewarding to re-engage familiar audiences across the web. In this process, Taboola allows you to retarget people that have visited pages on your site before. Create content to entice them back to your site and then retarget them on the Taboola platform.
  • Keep it fresh. Sometimes you want to focus on the new. Configure your campaigns to exclude audiences that you don’t want to target, such as loyal customers or people who have been to your site already.

All of these options allow marketers to stay engaged with their audience and make sure they are reaching them at all stages of the marketing funnel.

Retargeting is working for brands today—some of the biggest and most successful out there. Jarret DiToro, Director of Content Marketing at LendingTree spoke to Taboola on how they use retargeting.

LendingTree: Documented Success with Retargetingretargeting

LendingTree facilitates competition amongst lenders, banks, and credit partners online. They match you with a customized loan that best matches your individual needs. Lenders pay and the service is free to consumers, who can browse a variety of options with the service.

The LendingTree marketing team was looking for a partner to promote assets efficiently—they did so by retargeting with Taboola.

“Content marketing has become a major marketing channel for LendingTree, and Taboola’s sequential retargeting enables us to achieve the most value from our paid campaigns, DiToro said.

“We’re very excited to roll out this strategy to other categories beyond credit cards in the coming months.”

LendingTree managed to hit Taboola users with multiple sequential messages. Retargeting users who have seen earlier messaging proved successful for their campaign objectives.

LendingTree’s comparison-style articles were perfect for retargeting campaigns. They allowed their team to follow up with consumers who may still be mulling over a decision.

LendingTree saw a 100 percent increase in conversion rates (CVRs) amongst retargeted users, and related CPAs dropped by 65 percent. 

How to Get Started Remarketing with Taboola

Retargeting with Taboola is either pixel-based or based on previous campaign clickers.

In order to run a campaign that retargets previous campaign clickers, you must already have at least one campaign running. Taboola will pool a list of people who have previously interacted with your campaign to retarget

In order to start pixel-based retargeting, you need only to follow a few simple steps to install our pixel on that pages you want visitors to have previously seen.

After you place the pixel, Taboola will begin to compile a list of users that have visited these pages, then you will be able to retarget these users anytime they visit a Taboola widget across the web with landing pages that are closer to the point of sale.

At the initial installation of this pixel, we can see historical data up to 30 days by default. We can shrink this window or extend it to up to 90 days.

As your campaign launches, you are on well on your way to jumping back into the minds of people who have previously shown interest in your brand.

Keep in mind that the key to retargeting is testing—track your campaign progress so you can continue to optimize for more conversions or greater brand awareness in the future.

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