When it comes to efficiently marketing today’s digital businesses, access to sophisticated online marketing tools such as targeted filtering and ad placement on the most popular national news and media sites saves time and helps grow businesses faster.

Recently, we chatted with Urmesh Chandra, lead of digital marketing efforts at PolicyBazaar, about how this online insurance aggregator maximizes marketing efforts using Taboola tools.

PolicyBazaar, founded in India in 2008, lets users compare insurance products and quotes across companies by analyzing their key benefits, price, and quality. PolicyBazaar also offers users instant online quotes and competitive prices on insurance plans, including life, health, motor, and travel insurance, plus group plans for businesses and organizations.

Learn how Taboola’s targeted filtering to reach a premium audience translates to meaningful sales for this innovative Indian company.

Interview with Urmesh Chandra, Digital Marketing Lead at PolicyBazaar

Tell us a bit about yourself, what you do for PolicyBazaar, and how you got to where you are today.

PolicyBazaar.com is India’s prominent online life insurance and general insurance aggregator. We specialize in making comparative analysis of insurance products.

The basis for the comparison is price, quality and key benefits. We offer several insurance plans including life insurance, health insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance as well as group plans.

I lead the digital marketing growth efforts for [the] Life Insurance vertical at Policybazaar. I have experience of more than 14+ years in digital as well as conventional marketing and business roles across industries like Gaming, Telecom, Real Estate, Healthcare, and Ecommerce.

What’s PolicyBazaar’s overall mission and vision?

Our mission is to build a safety net for households in India.

Our vision is to see a healthy and well-protected India.

We [have been] in business since 2008 and have been registering exponential growth. For perspective, our target in 2014 was to reach 10 million customers by 2020, we accomplished that feat in FY 2019, with a year to spare!

How do you use digital channels to reach your customers and audience?

Our digital efforts are across digital channels, creating a 360 degree visibility and experience impact on the user.

Tell us about the campaign you were running with us and it’s content.

We have been running banner campaigns with Taboola, promoting Term Insurance, Health Insurance, Savings etc. Landing pages are mainly customer info pages, which further takes the user to compare plans i.e. our DNA.

What were the major challenges/objectives you faced before partnering with Taboola?

It used to be difficult to get prime inventories on major media and other high quality user sites. Once we started working with Taboola, we were able to place our ads on popular sites.

What are some specific metrics you have seen from Taboola’s higher quality traffic?

Though higher quality traffic is a function of targeting as well…it’s undeniable that Taboola enables us to reach high quality traffic.

One of the key business metrics that we see impacted is average ticket size.

What are some specific targeting tactics used for this campaign?

With Taboola, targeting is fairly simple. However, along with Taboola platform targeting options, we filter the audience further with the help of communication and ad copies, by mentioning the key points in the ad itself.

How has working with Taboola’s account management team added value to your campaigns?

The [Taboola] team is one of the finest teams I have dealt with. They have shown utmost commitment and resilience on both ends, demand and supply. They have continuously added newer and relevant websites to the platform which has ensured continuous user quality and scale. Along with [this], the account managers have time and again heard all of our issues, and have always been available on the side to provide a solution.

It’s a pleasure to work with such a professional team.

What future plans does your team have for expanding its relationship with Taboola?

[The] future looks promising. There are a couple of interesting beta products that we are waiting for experimentation, and as our app focus has increased in the previous year, we will look forward to focus on app marketing campaigns.


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