If you’re looking for a reliable data-driven performance marketing agency that specializes in media buying services, BidBerry might be the right fit for you. With a focus on tailored-made solutions, BidBerry has worked with a variety of clients to promote their services online.

But what sets BidBerry apart from its competitors? One key factor is their partnership with Taboola.

In this interview with Emiliano Amicuzi, Co-Founder & CEO of BidBerry, we’ll take a closer look at how BidBerry has leveraged Taboola’s products and features to achieve success, and how they measure that success. We’ll also examine how Taboola’s performance compares to other native platforms.

What is BidBerry, and what services do you offer?

BidBerry is an international data-driven performance marketing agency specializing in data segments and media buying services. We offer tailored-made solutions for a wide range of clients willing to promote their services online.

What is BidBerry’s goal when working with Taboola?

The main goal working alongside Taboola is to offer our clients an innovative solution by using the format and the technology provided by Taboola.

What Taboola products and features does BidBerry try on their path to success with Taboola? How does BidBerry ultimately find what works best?

We used everything from manual bidding to SmartBid solutions including Target CPA.

We tried geo targeting, audience targeting and contextual targeting. We split devices when KPIs showed that this action was needed. With easy campaign management, various targeting options, and target audience segments paired with various bidding options, conversion tracking, target custom or lookalike audiences (in e-commerce case), success is assured together with Taboola.

We also tried diversified targeting in countries with different native languages, which worked very well – an example others may find useful is one can run ads with French ad text in Canada and reach French speaking Canadians only. Taboola’s algorithms seem to be amongst the strongest and most stable compared to other platforms. We look forward to the real time data.

Which verticals does BidBerry target with their Taboola campaigns?

We currently cover various verticals in multiple markets, providing an experienced team of international members consisting of 13 spoken languages to maximize performance.

However our top ones are the Lifestyle, Auto and Personal Finance

How did BidBerry use Taboola’s Data Marketplace to reach the right audiences?

BidBerry used target audiences coming directly from key DMPs available on the market that are fully integrated with our own data sources.

What type of ads did BidBerry use in their Taboola campaigns, and how did they help increase click-through and conversion rates?

Motion Ads increased the CTR but according to our experience, the suggestions given by our dedicated Taboola account managers combined with our internal researchers increased the click-through rate (CTR) .

How does Taboola’s reach compare to social platforms?

Although Taboola’s reach is more concise than Facebook and TikTok, our conversion rate is double compared to the ones mentioned.

What has been the outcome of BidBerry’s partnership with Taboola?

Thanks to the recent partnership with Taboola, the BidBerry brand has developed, and with more global recognition in the sector, we’ve found new clients asking for our services. This year we’ll be pushing out more assets both to increase and diversify the level of our clients’ performance by using additional tools that might be integrated into the Taboola platform itself.

How does BidBerry measure success in their Taboola campaigns?

In our Taboola campaigns, we measure success mostly by comparing CTR and cost per action/acquisition (CPA.)

How does Taboola’s performance compare to its competitors?

Thanks to Taboola’s developed and improved algorithm, campaign reach is much higher, and CPAs much more competitive. Although we use other great native platforms, we often look to Taboola as a main partner to drive successful results.

Looking for more on BidBerry and Taboola? Read our full case study here.

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