To support the French premier of the movie Ben Hur, Paramount decided to promote an article written by the entertainment team of 20 Minutes, the leading free, daily aimed at French commuters. The digital amplification of this editorial content ran from August 30th to September 7th on the Taboola platform.

Paramount leverages Taboola for sponsored content.

In leveraging Taboola’s technology, the content delivered Paramount with excellent performance in terms of visibility, with 25 million impressions on more than 650 media sites in France, including, MSN,, and

“This innovative content discovery solution pairs up the power of 20 Minutes on the predictive technology of Taboola answered our primary challenges: personalization and audience engagement,” says Myriam Treu, Marketing Director of Paramount Pictures France.

“Nativ’movie” is a new joint offering of Taboola and 20 Minutes, which provides a mix of visibility and content recommendation. Dedicated to the entertainment industry, this technology amplifies content for a targeted audience of premium campaigns on all 20 Minutes properties.

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