In late June, our Founder and CEO Adam Singolda and Kim Kriegers, Director of Video at OMS, Germany’s leading network of 200 news sites, were invited to speak on a panel at Brightcove PLAY. The goal of the panel was to share industry insights as to how publishers can build an effective video strategy, anything from analytics/tracking, serving, monetizing, distributing and syndication.

As part of that, Mr. Kriegers had shared a deck with the audience highlighting some real results of OMS’s (a Brightcove client) partnership with  Taboola as a way to build video views and associated revenue.

OMS is leveraging Taboola’s distribution and monetization platform to surface personalized video recommendations on article pages, immediately at the end of the article.

Using Taboola’s massive scale as reported by Techcrunch, generating over 500 Million recommendations daily, Taboola is able to combine contextual, behavioral, social and personal signals to determine what users want to watch in real-time.

Mr. Kriegers reported that Taboola’s personalized video recommendations have increased video traffic and revenue by 290%  within the first 3 months.

Check out one of the news sites to see Taboola’s recommendations in action, click here.

Below is the deck as was presented at Brightcove PLAY

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