When thinking about career development, how often do we consider that exploring other career interests can support that growth? Just because we start in one industry or function doesn’t mean that’s the only path forward, as sometimes, taking a different route might be the step in the most rewarding direction. Take it from Sam Rothberg, Taboolar of over five years, who proves that change, transition, and growth are possible at any point in your career.

Why Taboola then, and why Taboola now?

After 13 years in the beauty industry, managing high-end salons and spas, I was ready for a change and had always been interested in the tech space. I started at Taboola as the Office Manager in LA and was quickly promoted to US Travel Coordinator; when the Covid pandemic started, to retain administrative roles, I was asked to help support the West Coast Account management team. I was excited to learn more about the space, and I didn’t realize then that this opportunity was the beginning of an incredible career shift for me. After eight months of operating as both the Office Manager and supporting the Account management team, I officially applied for the Associate Account manager role and became the first on the Account Manager Enterprise West Coast team to be physically seated in LA!

This is now my fourth position within Taboola, and I’m still at the beginning of my journey here. There’s still so much room to grow. I’ve never experienced this sort of career mapping or seen this much potential at a previous company. Taboola has supported me every step of the way and keeps me motivated.

What helped you during your transition from Office Manager to Account Manager?

From my first day to now, I’ve always felt that the culture with the West Team has been ego-free and has allowed me to feel comfortable asking questions to anyone, regardless of level or location. If I wanted to call up Adam to ask a question, I know that I could. Moving into the new position, I did have the advantage of supporting the Account Management team and learning a lot before officially taking on the Account Manager role, but overlooking any hesitation and having the backing of a company that encourages curiosity and reassures you that none of us have all of the answers empowered me to keep asking questions. People were and still are so supportive here that it motivated me to do some of my own homework and learn even more about the company, especially as it related to Taboola’s R&D team. Knowing personally and understanding the team who builds our tools and platforms has helped promote cross-collaboration, which has been an enormous benefit to our business.

My career at Taboola has been one of transition, growth, learning, and fun, and I’m proud of myself for saying “yes” and believing in myself, just as Taboola did with me.

As an Account manager, what is the most exciting part of your job? What are you most proud of?

I love building close, fun, and successful relationships with my clients! Recently, my Director witnessed my passion for building client relationships as she joined me for a client dinner in Portland, OR. The evening was a major success, and our client openly shared in response to the evening that “we are no longer co-workers, but we are friends.” Hearing that feedback was rewarding and validated the effort and care we put into our client partnerships.

What has helped you find success in your position?

  • Following this advice: “Saying yes before you know if you can even do it because chances are you’ll do great if you just try.”
  • Taboola promotes a culture of curiosity. Keep asking questions!
  • Be genuine and support others, and you will get that support in return. Cheer each other on and celebrate each other’s successes.
  • Be kind and become friends with your team, your leaders, colleagues not adjacent to you, the office and kitchen staff, your clients…with everyone! Promote a culture of treating everyone around you equally and making everyone feel important. People who enjoy being around you will help you find success – together.

Building these relationships across a global company has helped me find success at Taboola, and I also have to give a shout-out to my Director, who provides me with positive support every week.

When I transitioned back after maternity leave, within the first quarter, an account we had pushed to become closer with saw a 252% spending increase year over year and an 80% increase quarter over quarter. Every time my Director walks through the door, they acknowledge that achievement. They continuously find ways to make me feel recognized and supported, which is motivating and counteracts any of the harder days it takes to get there.

How has Taboola enabled you to live a balanced life outside of work?

The parental leave policy at Taboola is unmatched by anywhere else I’ve heard of. Six months of maternity leave allowed me to spend invaluable time with my little one and transition back from leave feeling more ready than I would have been at the standard 12-week mark. Our management here supports the importance of family and mental health, and I appreciate that I’m seen for the other roles I play in my life other than just as an Account Manager.

What is Taboola’s superpower?

It’s the people. People here recognize potential and drive and don’t fixate on just pure experience. People at Taboola care, take the time to help you, and genuinely want to see you succeed. When I started on the Account Management team (while still working as Office Manager), a Director at the time approached me and immediately made me feel seen. I had been struggling to find direction and clarity in my work, and they sat down with me to understand my day-to-day responsibilities to help me get to a productive and clear outcome. They saw my potential and made me feel like I had a path here, which I can confidently say I also see for myself.

To this day, I still don’t know who suggested that I support the Account management team, but I am grateful to whoever they were for seeing me and my potential and getting me to a place of career excitement and satisfaction.

Next target? Hopefully, a promotion to soon become a Senior Account Manager!

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