Between live births and adoptions, in the United States alone 10,000 children join a family on an average day.

Parental leave is an important consideration for employees and employers alike. A Society for Human Resource Management survey found that most employers consider paid leave important to employee health and wellness, recruiting, and retention. Parents, particularly mothers, without access to paid leave are much more likely to leave their positions within a year of giving birth.

With this in mind, Taboola has exciting news to share about our updated global parental leave policies, which was announced in December of 2021.

Taboola considers employees who balance their careers while raising their families to be the ultimate rockstars, especially during the early stages of the pandemic where many played the roles of professional, teacher, homemaker, entertainer, and so much more. Taboola truly values these employees and has implemented new caregiver policies to ensure Taboolars are coming back to work energized and supported.

The basics

For Primary caregivers, Taboola now provides:

  • 26 weeks of paid leave, consecutive from the date of the child’s birth or adoption
  • Return-to-work flexibility: primary caregivers have the option to work at 80% while receiving full-time pay for their first two months back.

For Secondary caregivers, Taboola offers:

  • Eight weeks of paid leave
  • This leave may be taken all at once, or spread out in week-long increments within 12 months of the date of the child’s birth or adoption.

Where applicable, Taboola employees can stack these benefits with those offered on the federal and state level. In some cases this may result in enhanced benefits in states which provide an additional funding pool which may be used by secondary caregivers after Taboola’s eight weeks are exhausted.

According to CNBC analysis of parental leave research published out of Ball State University in 2020, Taboola’s policies far exceed the Fortune 500 corporate average of 10 weeks paid leave offered to mothers and five weeks of paid leave offered to fathers. A 2019 analysis published by the same researchers found that companies with gender-equal policies, like Taboola’s, average less than eight weeks of paid leave for all parents.

Visit Taboola’s Career page for more information about work-life policies at Taboola, or reach out to a Careers colleague.

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