When job interviewing, how often do you feel seen for more than just what’s on your resume? Relevant experience is important, but being noticed for your potential and perspective are equally meaningful.

Meet Eva Rose, Senior Manager of Advertising Sales, who shares her story of stepping into a people manager role at Taboola during a unique time in her life. Learn how she was seen for more than the bullet points on her resume and how she navigated her new career progression and did it (and still does) as a working parent.

What was your transition like joining Taboola as a people manager without prior management experience?

While interviewing, I didn’t have on-paper experience as a people manager, but the hiring lead saw my potential and took a chance on me. I was encouraged by how thoughtful and smart leadership was (and still is), and I could tell it was a group I wanted to be part of. I was hired because of my perspectives and past experiences. It felt good to land at a company where my opinions and expertise were valued.

As a new manager, what resources were provided to you?

In addition to the guidance and support from my leadership team, Taboola provided me with several resources, including an external career coach. I met with my coach weekly to work through many aspects of managing, from building a high-performing team to keeping motivation going and handling uncomfortable conversations. I called it workplace therapy, and it was incredible!

I found that I was trusted to manage how I saw fit to drive results, which meant not needing to follow strict rules or guidelines. The autonomy I was given helped me find my way as a manager here while knowing I had several resources available if I needed guidance.

My HRBPs, Lana and Jennifer, continue to be amazing resources in partnering with the sales organization to understand our business and industry. As a newer manager, I appreciated the proactive approach HR took in understanding the challenges of our day-to-day work and ensuring there’s equity among our employees.

What was it like going on maternity leave about seven months after joining Taboola and transitioning back?

The timing of starting a new job while expecting a new baby was something I hadn’t planned for, but the opportunity at Taboola was too exciting to pass up. I thought if my husband wouldn’t turn down a role while I was pregnant, why, as a woman, would I?

When I shared the news with my team that I was pregnant, the response was very supportive. While transitioning back to work with a new baby and a toddler at home required some adjustments, there were many positives, like my role expansion.

And don’t get me wrong, it certainly took me some time to get back into the swing of things. A word to new moms: be patient with yourself; it’s a transition!

A big positive on returning from leave was meeting my team in person, something I missed while pregnant during Covid. With my role expanding, I was grateful for the guidance from my Senior Director, Ben, and the support of my two team leads. I now manage a team of nine people across the East Coast and Central regions.

Who at Taboola inspires you and why?

So many individuals at Taboola inspire me and encourage me to keep going. I have to give a shout-out to my team leads, though, who hold it down: Alexa Weinstein and Darryle Brown! They show up for their team and me in many ways; from onboarding to pitch practice, they are solid. It’s also gratifying to see their growth at Taboola and watch their careers evolve. They intentionally listen, are always there to brainstorm, and are incredible humans.

Sales can be challenging. How do you keep your team motivated and excelling?

My team puts in the hard work, which motivates me to match their hustle. I’m so encouraged to see the progress and growth we’ve experienced together.

I learned from my management career training that motivation is individualized. As my team develops, I want to continue understanding what they care about, what fulfills them, and what makes them happy. Understanding what drives each of them helps me identify how to keep everyone on track and excited about their work.

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How has Taboola enabled you to live a balanced life outside of work?

In our industry, other companies might tell you there’s flexible PTO, but that’s not always the case. I’ve never worked somewhere where managers make sure you’re using your PTO and encourage you to ensure your team is doing the same.

While I was out on maternity leave, Taboola expanded its family leave policy. Having more time to focus on my baby and family was a true gift. I was grateful for the reassurance of my role and the financial safety because of this leave time, as I know this is a privilege not all women get.

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What advice has stuck with you that, as a manager, you share with your team?

Celebrate your wins and keep track of them! Create a document, add them to your notes app regularly, or set a calendar reminder. (This is something I have to continue to remind myself about.) Make it a habit to write down your wins and share them with your manager in your one-on-one meetings. They know a lot about you, but they don’t know everything. It’s not bragging; your manager wants to know your successes, and sharing with management is another way to increase your visibility.

Despite coming from a native and performance background, my transition to where I am today didn’t come without its share of challenges and learning curves, but with every step, there was always someone more than willing to help.

I’m excited to watch my team grow as industry experts, crush their goals, and be with them along the way, just as they have been for me.

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