In today’s challenging economic climate, advertisers need to know that their marketing budgets translate into conversions and revenue post-click, ensuring sustained engagement through the sales funnel. Taboola, ever-evolving to aid advertisers in enhancing performance, recently launched Maximize Conversions, shifting the focus from mere traffic and CPCs to driving actual conversions and results.

Maximize Conversions is an innovative strategy that automatically optimizes campaign bids to help you drive conversions within your set budget. Powered by our core machine learning algorithm, SmartBid, Maximize Conversions uses hundreds of data signals to make real-time decisions based on your budget and goals. Meaning, you no longer have to worry about manually adjusting CPCs for each ad placement. Maximize Conversions will do the legwork for you.

Amidst the unpredictable advertising landscape, Maximize Conversions ensures predictable performance aligned with diverse campaign objectives, offering an automated bidding strategy that amplifies conversion volume across the web while granting control over cost points.

Whether you’re already using Maximize Conversions or just getting started, we’re sharing our tips, best practices, and advertiser success stories to help you boost performance, explore real-world examples, and achieve positive campaign ROI.

Unveiling Success with Maximize Conversions

Advertisers who have utilized Maximize Conversions tout its remarkable stability, decreased manual workload, and notable performance improvements, empowering advertisers to redirect efforts towards strategy and creative enhancements.

Seven.One Entertainment Group, for example, achieved an 11X increase in conversions and 12% increase in conversion rate. Meanwhile they saw a 13% decrease in conversion costs on mobile.

With Maximize Conversions enabled, Click Crew Media assisted one client in achieving a 10X increase in campaign scale, a 10X increase in conversions, and a nearly 2X increase in ROI — all at a 12.5% lower cost per view (CPV). Taboola’s Maximize Conversions also delivered a greater scale than competitor platforms. In some cases, Click Crew Media saw their scale increase by over 300% within a week.

Babbel, the language mastery experts, acclaim Maximize Conversions: “Our Maximize Conversions campaigns are the clear winners! They consistently deliver outstanding results, allowing us to maximize budgets while achieving impressive CPAs. These campaigns are also driving the highest ROAS for us at the moment, and we’re excited to continue investing with Taboola.”

Muhlert Digital GmbH Agency highlights the true magic: “In a few weeks of using Maximize Conversions bidding strategy, we have seen a consistent increase in our conversion volume with CPA decreasing over time. We’ve since ramped up our spends on these campaigns and are looking forward to increasing the adoption of this feature across all our campaigns.”

Now, let’s explore how these marketers created, scaled, and optimized their campaigns in our step-by-step guide.

How to Set up Your Maximize Conversions Campaign

Start with Budget & Bidding

First, let’s look at how to set up your Maximize Conversions campaign. Before you select “Maximize Conversions” under the Budget & Bidding section, you can take these steps to help meet your marketing goals:

  • Set up conversion tracking. The campaign will automatically maximize results to meet your conversion goal, so it’s important to correctly set up conversion tracking. You can use the Taboola Pixel or S2S integration with defined conversion rules to do this. Learn more about it here.

  • Establish a realistic daily budget. We strongly recommend setting a daily budget of at least 10-15X your CPA goal. If your CPA is below $5, we recommend setting a minimum daily cap of $50. This will help generate enough data for the algorithm to learn about your campaign and audience engagement in order to drive performance as quickly as possible. Once the campaign stabilizes, then you can alter your budget.

  • Know when to use Target CPA. If you’d like to control the cost of each lead or conversion generated, you can use our Target CPA option. With Target CPA enabled, the algorithm will then deliver results at or below that CPA goal. However, Target CPA is, by design, a more conservative bidding strategy and will prioritize the cost over scale. We do not recommend setting a Target CPA in the first few days of your campaign. Instead, it’s best to wait for the campaign to run for a few days, ideally after 50 conversions, to explore the potential CPA. You can then set a Target CPA based on recent performance.

Once Maximize Conversions starts running, give the algorithm 3-4 days to learn and stabilize your CPA. If you see any initial fluctuations, it may be tempting to start tweaking your campaign. But it’s best to avoid making adjustments during this launch and learning phase.

If your campaign learning phase is taking longer than expected — and you’re not seeing suitable conversions in those first three-four days — you might try these tactics:

  • Broaden your targeting parameters. If you have a long site block list or you’re targeting a very niche audience, this may result in a longer learning phase, and a lengthier stabilization process for your CPA.
  • Change the event you optimize towards. Choose a more common event, ideally the one closest to your primary conversion event.

Scale and Optimize Your Campaign Effectively

Even after your ads have been running smoothly, it’s important to continuously optimize your campaign to deliver maximum results.

Here are our top tips for optimizing campaigns with Maximize Conversions:

  • Adjust your budget for increased performance and scale. We recommend making changes of no more than 50% in one go, and keeping your daily budget to a minimum of 10X your CPA to minimize performance fluctuations. Top tip! When increasing your daily budgets, do so at the start of the day in order to gain a full day of optimization and see results faster.
  • Refresh creatives to combat ad fatigue. Creative stands as a pivotal element within any campaign, yet even the most triumphant ads can hit metric plateaus. It’s crucial to continuously optimize creatives and experiment with fresh ad elements to resonate with your audience. At Taboola, we’ve harnessed cutting-edge AI tools like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion, blending them with our deep industry expertise. This fusion integrates data-driven strategies and dynamic keywords, empowering advertisers to automatically craft top-performing ad components. Our goal? Amplifying efficiency and effectiveness across scale, while conserving invaluable time and resources.

Ready to set up your first Maximize Conversions campaign? Get started here.

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