You know you need to publish consistent, high-quality content to grow and retain your audience. But coming up with fresh, relevant content ideas can be tough—especially when you’re doing it on a weekly or even monthly basis.

The good new is that there’s a tool that can help.

Taboola Trends analyzes 75 million clicks across 50 billion impressions each week so publishers and advertisers can see which content campaigns are driving the most engagement.

Data can also be filtered by country, language, platform, and vertical—so they can access the insights and best practices that are most relevant to their audiences.

Ready to see it for yourself?

Here’s a walkthrough of how you can use Taboola Trends find new, customized ideas for your content topics, keywords, and titles.

Find New Content Topics

The “Topics” tab on Taboola Trends takes you to a chart of trending story ideas each week. The size of each bubble corresponds to the amount of pages consumers have read about that topic.

So, the bigger the bubble, the bigger the engagement. Two of the biggest topics on this map, for example, are “Trump” and “Biden.”

Lines between the dots also indicate topics that are commonly read together, such as “racism” and “police brutality” or “moon” and “NASA.”

Going further, you can filter trending topics by country and category, such as politics, sports, and technology. For instance, here’s a look at trending news topics in the United Kingdom during the week of October 23.

Find Trending Keywords and Phrases

Over at the “Keywords” tab, publishers can find trending terms and phrases by content category, platform, language, and country.

Say you want to see which keywords drive the best clickthrough rates (CTR) for finance content on mobile devices among English audiences in Canada. Just plug in your specifications to see your top 20 keywords:

As you can see, alongside keywords with strong engagement, you’ll also see keywords with tough competition. These are the terms to stay away from, since they’re being overused and can drag down your CTR.

Below this data, you can go on to check out 20 opportunity keywords that have low usage volume but high potential for CTR. These keywords are prime for experimentation in your campaigns.

For example, here are some recent opportunity keywords for health and fitness content on all platforms among United States audiences.

Find the Best-Performing Titles

Taboola’s Title Analyzer uses a predictive algorithm to forecast the CTR of any title you might have in mind.

You can use this tool to test different title options and choose the one with the highest potential for engagement. Just enter your title, click “Test My Title,” and see where it lands on the scale of high predicted CTR and low predicted CTR.

For example, here’s how one of our own titles—”9 Best Affiliate Marketing Promotion Methods and Techniques“—fares against another option—”Try These Top Affiliate Marketing Promotion Methods”—in the Taboola Trends Title Analyzer:

Stay on Top of Trending Content Ideas

Brainstorming new content ideas doesn’t have to be a hassle—and you definitely shouldn’t have to guess what your audience wants to see.

Make data-backed decisions with the topics, keywords, and titles tools over at Taboola Trends.

With this information at their fingertips, content creators can optimize campaigns in real time and better understand how consumers are behaving each week—so they can deliver only the most relevant, updated content to their audiences.

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