Struggling to create winning ad campaigns week after week? Feeling the pressure to stay ahead of constantly evolving consumer trends?

Well, we have good news! You can stop running on that hamster wheel of ad creation that leaves you feeling exhausted.

Taboola’s got your back (and your CVRs) with Taboola Trends, a beneficiary of our continuous expansion into AI.

Taboola Trends provides a peek into your audience’s mind, revealing the topics capturing their attention on the open web and the visuals and messages that drive engagement in real time. Those insights are thanks to the power of AI, which analyzes a staggering 140 million clicks, 22 billion impressions, and 30 million conversions every week.

Using the Country, Language, Industry, and Device filters, you can get timely data tailored to your audience. But it should also align with your brand goals, right? That’s why you can also apply filters for Marketing Objectives and see what impacts click-through rates (CTR) and conversions (CVR).

Taboola Trends is now better than ever. Featuring a sleek, updated design and real-time data analysis, our latest enhancements bring unparalleled insights to your fingertips. Leveraging GenAI technology and powered by ChatGPT, our Headline Trends section offers dynamic trends, tips, top keywords, and examples to elevate your ad game. Meanwhile, our Image Trends section now includes performance data, utilizing Microsoft Azure to spotlight visual trends. And that’s not all – our Headline Analyzer has been revamped with a real predictive algorithm, empowering advertisers to craft compelling headlines with confidence.

The result? The freshest, most actionable intel to spark your imagination and optimize your campaigns for peak performance.

So, let’s get down to business! Below, we’ll take you on a tour of Taboola Trends, highlighting its features and showing you exactly how to leverage its power for maximum impact.

Headline Trends: Connect Your Brand to the Hottest Trends

Want to craft headlines that tap into the zeitgeist and resonate with your audience? Look no further than Headline Trends.

This feature taps into ChatGPT’s analytical prowess to analyze real-time data and surface the most buzz-worthy headline trends.

You can filter your search by Country, Language, Industry, and Marketing Goal. This laser-focused approach ensures you uncover trends directly aligned with your campaign objectives.

Seeing is believing, so let’s look at an example. Imagine you’re working on a campaign for a fashion brand targeting US consumers, and your goal is to drive online purchases. Set those filters, and you’ll see three insightful slides, each focused on a different trending headline theme, but of course, we don’t leave you there.

Each theme includes an example title to spark inspiration, a valuable tip about key points to highlight, and the most relevant trending keywords, adjectives, and action verbs – the building blocks of high-performing headlines.

Headline Analyzer: Choose Headlines with Confidence

Headlines are the gateway to our audience’s hearts (and wallets), but how do you select the perfect one?

The Headline Analyzer takes the guesswork out of the process. It analyzes past performance data from Taboola’s massive network, considering factors like keyword relevance and emotional triggers, and predicts which will generate the highest CTR. Just add 3-5 potential headlines and let the AI-powered tool do its job.

Now that you’ve created a list of titles that incorporate insights from Headline Trends, you enter your top five. In seconds, the Headline Analyzer shows you how well each will perform.

You can now confidently kick off a campaign with the top-ranked title, knowing it’s the most likely to grab attention and drive clicks or run an A/B test with the second-place title.

Image Trends: Your Visual Strategist

In our visually-soaked world, the right image can be the difference between a scroll-past and a conversion.

Image Trends is an AI-powered feature that dives deep into the Taboola data pool, revealing the current image components that contribute to success and those that might hinder it.

Here, you can set all the same filters you used earlier, plus select the Device you are targeting: choose from All, Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet. After clicking Analyze, your results appear. Scroll through the different image trends and discover which image details will boost CTR or CVR.

Your intuition and experience tell you that including a person in the image will improve your CVR. You confirm that with the data in Image Trends. But what other image details should you consider?

You might assume that including food in the image would be a distraction (after all, it’s a fashion campaign), but Image Trends actually reveals that currently, a picture with food increases CVR by 16.7%.

The lesson: Don’t let assumptions lead to costly mistakes; always make the most of your campaigns by relying on real-time data.

Trending Topics: Ride the Wave of Reader Interests

What’s piquing your audience’s curiosity this week? Finding the answer is a breeze with Trending Topics – a window into the subjects captivating readers across the open web.

This intuitive feature presents trending topics as bubbles; the larger the bubble, the more pageviews it’s generating, giving you a clear picture of reader engagement.

Each bubble is color-coded to denote its category, and helpful gray lines connect related topics for easy exploration. Need more info about a specific topic? Click any keyword to see relevant Google News results.

Use this real-world, real-time data to find clever ways to connect your brand to the stories holding readers’ attention. Hone in on specific trends by selecting a Country and any of the 20+ Categories, including family, sports, fashion, technology, travel, and more.

Here’s a look at US Trending Topics for the week of April 15th, 2024.

The Taboola Difference

We are the only native ads platform offering real-time creative trends alongside in-depth readership insights – a one-two punch for constructing campaigns that get noticed and get clicks. Best of all, Taboola advertisers are instantly granted free access to the tool (based on IP address)!

We’re really proud of Taboola Trends and think you’ll find it as valuable as other Taboola advertisers.

Here’s what Emilija Eckert, a Performance Marketer at ERGO, had to say: “Taboola Trends gives us a quick overview of what is currently performing well in the network. This allows us to analyze how we can optimize our creatives without much effort. That’s a great added value for us!”

Taboola Trends: Fresh Campaign Ideas at Your Fingertips

Creating high-performing campaigns doesn’t have to be a guessing game. You now have a powerful arsenal of real-time, data-driven AI-powered insights to fuel your creativity.

Rely on Taboola Trends to guide you and help you understand how to tailor your campaigns as consumer behaviors evolve; you won’t go wrong! By optimizing every campaign element – from headlines and visuals to trending topics – you’ll launch campaigns that connect, convert, and deliver unbeatable results.

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