General best practices, while valuable, sometimes fall short. Cultures, languages, verticals and platforms play a role in every analysis, and best practices change all the time on the open web.

At Taboola, we have access to vast amounts of data, and now our clients have direct access so they can track these insights as they change. We’re now taking a look at about 75 million clicks across 50 billion impressions to bring you something different.

We’re excited to announce Taboola Trends—a data tool for marketers that provides up-to-date trends so they can create successful campaigns for their brand in real-time.

taboola trends

Taboola Trends is a data resource analyzing image and keyword variables on a weekly basis with the ability to filter by country, language, vertical and platform.

We aspire to identify the early stages of behavioral trends, and although our insights are not a guarantee of future behavior, it’s a great starting point for anyone looking to test new creative approaches that can increase their click through rates (CTRs) or decrease their cost per acquisition (CPAs).

Now you can do the research in real-time, before you run your new Taboola campaign.

The tool is updated weekly, and provides data on image and keyword trends that can be filtered by campaign category, platform type, language and country. Analysis on the site is based on items that got at least 25 clicks and 25,000 impressions per week.  Here’s what you can find:

  • Best performing image types for increased click-through-rate (CTR). For example, you can see how CTAs increase or decrease when your image includes an animal, person, location, etc., versus when it doesn’t.
  • Strong engagement keywords and phrases. See a list of keywords and phrases that we recommend using to increase your CTR.
  • Strong competition keywords and phrases. See a list of keywords and phrases you should use only when cost-per-click (CPCs) are high.
  • Opportunity keywords and phrases. See a list of keyword and phrase recommendations to experiment with—these have high CTRs, but only appeared in a small number of titles.

We’re already seeing results from Taboola Trends that matter. We’ve been able to identify several points of valuable information regarding consumer and user behavior on the open web.

MVF trusts Taboola Trends to support their campaign research.

taboola trends mvf

Several brands running campaigns on the Taboola network are already seeing results from the Taboola Trends site. MVF, a marketing platform built to accelerate business growth through data, finds the tool unique and its data trustworthy, since it’s coming right from the platform:

“Trends has slashed the time it takes for us to research new ads. As a resource it’s absolutely unique—we can trust the insights 100 percent, as they come straight from the source.” – Jack Shackleton, Head of Performance Content Marketing at MVF

Taboola Trends will continue to evolve as more marketers use the tool, and will continue to provide global insights into consumer and user behavior—we’re already identifying interesting and new trends.

Data: Men like lifestyle content more than women, Japan isn’t that into animal images, and much more.

With Taboola Trends, we identified several interesting insights this week both globally, and by country and topic. Here are some examples of what we found:

Women always get a higher CTR than men. This is true even in categories like sports and technology, but don’t count men out completely. We’re seeing a rise in CTR for men in categories like dating, food, lifestyle and pets—but the most staggering insight we found is that men get a 414% higher CTR than women in auto ads in Germany.

This data begs some food for thought: do users tend to click on the opposite gender, or are we seeing changes in traditional gender roles happening right in front of our eyes?

Most people love animals, but not everyone. Images with animals get an 107% higher CTR than images without animals across the globe—especially in United Kingdom , where the CTR is 396% higher.

Israel, Bangladesh, France, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand Turkey and Vietnam are the exception to this rule, where images without animals get a higher CTR.These countries tend to prefer items and people over those with animals.

People like images of food in houses. For companies looking to run campaigns in the home category, know that the CTR for images with food is 193% higher than images without food. Within this category, you should stay away from animals—people want to see the home’s exterior, colorful photos and men.

Spanish speakers prefer colorful images and food. The CTR for images with food is 51% higher than without, and the CTR for colorful images is 25% higher than those with. This data includes spanish speakers all across the globe, and includes both LATAM and Spain.

The more specific you get with the details of your campaign, the more valuable insights become. While we may be able to recommend animal images across the board, in some cases, they just don’t work as well.

We invite you to test Taboola Trends, now available to the public for use. If you’re looking for a more in-depth analysis by certain categories, continue to look out for our data from the Taboola Creative Strategy team.

We’re constantly releasing information like these app best practices, these Valentine’s Day recommendations and these eCommerce best practices so marketers are always set up for success on our network.

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