The healthcare industry has weathered unprecedented changes in the past few years. A global pandemic brought a new focus to health, wellness, and hygiene. And now consumers have more opportunities than ever to personalize their experiences with resources like telemedicine, fitness apps, and wearable tech.

As this new world of healthcare evolves, health advertisers have to reach customers with personalized and relevant campaigns that speak to their needs.

That’s where the Taboola Creative Playbook: Health can help. This comprehensive guide offers readership insights, trends, and creative strategies for advertisers in the health industry — including healthy living and medical health, which are split into two separate sections.

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The Taboola Creative Shop — a team of global strategists and experts — pulled data from Taboola’s network of over 9,000 publisher sites and 600M daily active users. They used AI and natural language processing to surface trending topics across multiple geolocations and advertiser KPIs. And they compiled their findings into this ultimate playbook of winning tactics for your health-related campaigns.

Use these trends and recommendations from Taboola’s Creative Shop to boost your campaigns

Here’s a taste of notable readership trends across top publisher sites:

  • A global focus on disease. Disease is the top trending health topic based on the number of unique readers worldwide. This could indicate a growing need to research and self-diagnose.
  • Anti-aging in the US. The US is one among a few countries where aging is a top health-related topic. This might reflect a growing interest in maintaining youthful appearances and staying healthy.
  • Exercise and weight loss in Europe. These are among the top subjects in European countries, as well as Latin American countries. This strong focus on fitness and weight loss might be attributed to cultural norms around body image and healthy eating habits.

And here’s a look at Taboola’s data-backed strategies for more engaging health advertising creatives:

  • Drive clicks with engaging CTAs. Keep customers moving through the funnel with a clickworthy call to action. Across the Taboola network, top CTA buttons include “Read more,” “Get offer,” and “Click here.”
  • Visualize fitness goals. Inspire readers to reach their wellness goals with images of young and fit people. You can also use Motion Ads of people working out or performing aerobic exercise to increase engagement.
  • Call out audiences by location. Localize and tailor your creative assets by market, communicating the nuances of each country or region. For example: “Living in [City]? Apply For a Free Hearing Trial.”
  • Don’t beat around the bush. Health can be a sensitive topic. But top-performing ad titles call out a pain point directly and invite the reader to face the issue head-on. And don’t forget to be specific. For example: “Do This Twice Weekly Before Breakfast to Help Tone Your Abs.”
  • Showcase ingredients & quirky foods. Incorporate visuals of interesting ingredients and nutritional foods related to your products. Even if the ingredients are a bit odd or hard to recognize, they can generate curiosity and inspire readers to click.
  • Help people adopt new behaviors. Readership trends suggest that customers are open to breaking old habits and trying new rituals. So use your copy to help them make these changes. For example: “Changing Bedtime Can Help Achieve Better Results at the Gym.”

Ready to get your health campaigns in shape and increase performance? Download the Taboola Creative Playbook: Health for more winning creative strategies.

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