The global gaming market is booming and expected to generate over $211 billion in revenue by 2025. And mobile gaming alone should account for almost half of that. Still, studies have shown slow growth in mobile app installs despite increased ad spend.

Meaning, advertisers aren’t fully taking advantage of this engaged audience of gamers. And they could be leaving money — and valuable opportunities for engagement — on the table.

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To help you level-up your gaming campaigns, we’ve compiled the Taboola Creative Playbook: Gaming — a go-to strategy guide for advertisers of gaming apps, mobile and desktop games, gaming consoles, social casino games, sports games, and more.

The Taboola Creative Shop — a global team of data experts and strategists — dug into the numbers from over 9,000 publisher properties and 500M+ daily active users to see which types of content are trending and driving performance for today’s gaming brands.

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Here’s a peek at the top content driving clicks for gaming publishers:

  • Nintendo Switch is the most popular gaming console. Meanwhile, classic online games like Solitaire and Mahjong are still driving healthy engagement on the open web.
  • Sports gamers want betting odds and winning lineups. Yes, previews and recaps of games get clicks. But readers also want real-time information about how to best place their bets and earn cash.
  • Casino gamers are most prevalent in the US, UK, and France. So don’t be afraid to localize your creatives and tailor them to geographic markets.

And here are just a few creative recommendations to optimize your gaming ads:

  • Zoom in for video game visuals. Go for medium-crop, zoomed-in images of an excited person playing a game or immersed in the game itself. Remember that the subject should be in-line with your target demographic.
  • Use Taboola’s App Install Card. This new ad format leads readers directly to the App Store with CTA buttons like “Play Now” and “Download.” There, they can learn more about your game and start playing in just a couple taps.
  • Call out numbers in sports betting. Don’t beat around the bush here. In your ad titles, include specific dollar amounts for entry, prizes, game scores, or data on betting odds. For example: “US Sports Fans Score 87% Average For Up To $500 In Rewards.”

Ready to level-up your ad campaigns and tap into a growing audience of gamers? Get started with the Taboola Creative Playbook: Gaming.

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