App installs may have dipped after the pandemic, but they’re expected to rise again as mobile usage increases across the globe. According to a recent study from, consumers are now spending 4-5 hours each day with their apps. According to Statista, the number of worldwide mobile users should surpass 7.3 billion this year — up from 6.9 billion in 2020.

Brands looking to double down on this opportunity, need smarter, app-focused advertising solutions to better engage those users.

Turn Your Ads into App Store Conversions

Taboola advertisers have always had the option to drive app installs with their campaigns. Until now, however, those ads only had the capability to drive users to a landing page. From there, users had to navigate to the App Store themselves to initiate a download.

Meet Taboola App Install. A new, mobile-optimized, App Install format, that allows advertisers to run mobile-only ads that send users directly to the App Store on their iOS or Android device:

App Install ads make it faster and easier for users to download your app — cutting out that extra step between ad click and conversion.

On top of that, App Install ads offer additional features to provide users with more information pre-click. With App Install ads, you can display:

  • App Store ratings
  • A more prominent “Install Now” button displayed above the ad image
  • An app icon

So your mobile-optimized ad might look like this:

Use App Install Ads To Drive Results

As consumers continue to spend time on their smartphones and tablets, reaching them with informative, mobile-optimized ads is more important than ever. With Taboola advertisers, using the new App Install format have already reduced their cost-per-acquisition by up to 29% by allowing them to drive directly to App Store vs a landing page.

It’s also important to note that native advertising is on the rise. Frustrated by intrusive ads and misinformation, consumers are craving more trustworthy and intuitive brand experiences. That’s why native advertising on the open web is such a valuable solution. According to IAB Europe, over 80% of news consumers say seeing ads within news content increases or maintains brand trust.

Taboola’s App Install option combines the best of both formats — mobile ads and native ads — into a single, high-performing unit.

Get Started with App Install Ads

As a leading native advertising platform, Taboola helps thousands advertisers deliver superior customer experiences, engage mobile users, and increase app downloads at scale.

Ready to drive app downloads from your native ads? Visit our Help Center to learn more and set up your App Install campaign today.

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