Finance is one of the fastest-changing industries in the world — with banking apps, digital wallets, inflation completing altering the way people manage their money.

So, how can finance advertisers navigate this ever-evolving market and meet customer demands? With the right data and insights to guide their campaigns.

That’s where the Taboola Creative Playbook: Finance comes in — designed for marketers of insurance, banks, credit and debit cards, investing services, and more

The Taboola Creative Shop — a team of global strategists and experts — pulled data from Taboola’s vast readership network to see just how finance audiences are engaging with content. Pairing our own 2022-2023 insights with external market research, the Creative Shop compiled this ultimate playbook of trends, strategies, and recommendations specifically for finance advertisers.

Download Taboola’s Finance Creative Playbook

For a sneak peek, here are just a few creative insights you can use inform your finance campaigns:

  • Keep it optimistic. Consumers are more committed than ever to securing financial stability, so highlight how your products and services can contribute to their growth.
  • Highlight convenience and affordability. Remind consumers that they can get started on their own terms, in the comfort of their homes, and with no experience.
  • Make an impact above the fold. On your landing page, use a background image that spreads across the top of the page (usually a large image of a consumer). Apply a layer of shadow on the image to make any overlaying text or CTA buttons pop out.
  • Motivate consumers to succeed. Many finance advertisers choose to feature aspirational visuals of people in retirement, on vacation, and enjoying the finer things in life.

Still, that’s just a small sample of what the playbook offers.

Ready to access more actionable strategies for your finance advertising? Download the Taboola Creative Playbook: Finance.

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