Finance is one of the fastest-changing industries in the world — with banking apps, digital wallets, inflation completing altering the way people manage their money.

So, how can finance advertisers navigate this ever-evolving market and meet customer demands? With the right data and insights to guide their campaigns.

That’s where the Taboola Creative Playbook: Finance comes in — designed for marketers of insurance, banks, credit and debit cards, investing services, and more

The Taboola Creative Shop — a team of global strategists and experts — pulled data from Taboola’s vast readership network to see just how finance audiences are engaging with content. Pairing our own 2021-2022 insights with external market research, the Creative Shop compiled this ultimate playbook of trends, strategies, and recommendations specifically for finance advertisers.

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For a sneak peek, here are just a few market insights you can use inform your finance campaigns:

  • Top publisher trends are emerging. Terms like “cost of living,” “recession,” “inflation,” “savings accounts,” and “mortgage” are driving increased engagement across top publisher sites on Taboola’s network.
  • Millennials and Gen Z are taking control of their finances. The 26-35-year-old audience for finance content has grown significantly, likely due to a rise in digital technology.
  • Retail investing is on the rise. According to Forbes, consumers are diversifying their portfolios with stocks and investments based solely on popularity and virality.

Based on these market insights, the Taboola Creative Shop recommends using the following strategies to increase campaign performance:

  • Increase clickthrough rates. Drive engagement by incorporating words like “adults,” “collect,” “refund,” and “donations” in your content.
  • Keep it optimistic. Consumers are more committed than ever to securing financial stability, so highlight how your products and services can contribute to their growth.
  • Highlight convenience and affordability. Remind consumers that they can get started on their own terms, in the comfort of their homes, and with no experience.
  • Make an impact above the fold. On your landing page, use a background image that spreads across the top of the page (usually a large image of a consumer). Apply a layer of shadow on the image to make any overlaying text or CTA buttons pop out.
  • Motivate consumers to succeed. Many finance advertisers choose to feature aspirational visuals of people in retirement, on vacation, and enjoying the finer things in life.

Still, that’s just a small sample of what the playbook offers.

Ready to access more actionable strategies for your finance advertising? Download the Taboola Creative Playbook: Finance.

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