It’s boomtime for fashion and beauty brands in the world of ecommerce. According to eMarketer, the two categories together are projected to bring in $173 billion in 2019 in the US alone.

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Unsurprisingly, online marketing activity for brands in fashion and beauty has intensified across search, social, and of course, discovery advertising(often called native).

Taboola’s new report, Fashion & Beauty: The Ultimate Guide to Discovery Campaigns, unravels data, trends, and insights based on the results from 26 trillion ad impressions. If you want to maximize the ROI of your discovery campaigns, the report is a must-read.

Fashion & Beauty Benchmark Report

Let’s look at some highlights from the report.

Content types

Like most native advertisers, fashion and beauty marketers commonly run discovery ads linked to branded blog posts and product pages. However, pages containing photo galleries perform even better.

The Taboola report compares results in 17 countries and they differ widely. The only obvious commonality is text-based landing pages outweigh photo and video-based landing pages by a longshot (based on spend). For your brand and market, there could be a big upside in promoting photo galleries and videos to increase click-through rate (CTR).

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Image styles

The images you use are bound to impact the performance of your discovery campaigns. The report features data that shows conversion rate (CVR) and click-through rate(CTR) comparisons for:

  • Indoor vs. outdoor
  • Person vs. no person
  • Men vs. women
  • Color vs. black and white
  • Distance vs. close-up
  • Photo vs. illustration
  • Overlaid text vs. no overlaid text
  • And more

Some of the results may surprise you…

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Yes, click-throughs escalate when food makes an appearance in the discovery ad’s image. How do you like them pineapples?


After images, all that remains of a discovery ad is its headline and brand. Obviously, the lure of your headline (or lack of) will have an immense impact on your CTR. The new discovery campaigns guide offers insights regarding performance for the most popular keywords for both the fashion and beauty categories.

Specifically, it reports on:

  • Strong engagement keywords (high demand)
  • Strong competition keywords (low demand)
  • High opportunity keywords (supply and demand is factored)

An example:

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The report reveals, for beauty ads, the word beauty has a negative effect on CTR.


Will timing affect your ads in the fashion and beauty categories? The data indicates it’s not a huge factor.

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Data from the past three years shows spend spikes in the Q4 holiday season, but demand is relatively stable the other three quarters.

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The data shows CTR lowers on the weekend and that CTR peaks on Tuesdays. Note: the report features 17 days of the week charts by country.

CTR doesn’t change drastically by time of day but spend does. The numbers suggest fashion and beauty marketers have an opportunity to capitalize on late night shopping, when there’s high demand for content and low competition. Again, in the report, data sets are also presented by country.

There’s more…

Be sure to download a copy of the new Fashion & Beauty: The Ultimate Guide to Discovery Campaigns. There’s plenty more in it including:

  • A smart targeting flow to optimize a campaign by audience
  • A smart targeting flow to optimize a campaign by site
  • Shopping subsegments worthy of testing
  • Data-driven tips to succeed with video
  • Ad performance across various devices



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