It’s that time of year again—as the globe gears up to prepare to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions, marketers and agencies are reaching out to help.

In the health, food, lifestyle and finance categories, there is ample opportunity to connect with consumers who are looking for your products, content and brand right now.

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We’re taking a dive into your distribution strategy this time of year—this infographic explains how you can build the best online advertising and content distribution creatives to reach your target audience.

For consumers that resolve to live healthier.

Being healthier. This is probably one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions out there, and can run the gamut from everything including physical fitness, mental health, resolving to visit the doctor more often, and more.

For those marketers looking to reach people interested in a healthier lifestyle this season, here’s how to grab their attention:

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For consumers that resolve to eat better.

Eating healthier is a major part of overall health, but beginning of the year health food trackers are a major part of New Year’s resolutions for many consumers.

For marketers looking to reach people who might want to eat better, or just differently, this year—here’s how you reach them.

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For consumers that resolve to be happier.

Lifestyle resolutions cover a wide range of interests. These include everything from resolving to be more mindful and being happier to relationship, religious and behavioral resolutions.

For marketers looking to reach consumers hoping to improve their personal lifestyle this year, we’ve got insights into the perfect distribution mix.

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For consumers that resolve to improve financial fitness.

Finally, we’re tackling trends for those marketers looking to reach consumers who are looking to make financial change—whether they want to save more, invest more, buy a home, or any another financially related resolution, these insights will help you grab their attention.

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We pulled this data from Taboola Trends in December 2017. Taboola Trends is an interactive tool for marketers that’s updated weekly with image and keyword insights. Check it out for our most up-to-date campaign data.

Infographic copy and concept by Barry Feldman and design by Cynthia Park.

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