Men’s retailer Mack Weldon is reinventing men’s basics by providing well-designed products and a shopping experience that’s easy and convenient.

Each of their fabrics is unique, engineered for a reason, and has a distinct story behind its creation. Their design shop is located in New York City, with warehouse and fulfillment centers in Massachusetts. They started working with Taboola to look for new ways to create awareness of their product.

“Mack Weldon is a digitally native, growth-focused menswear startup brand that designs and delivers premium basics for men.

As a performance marketer, I’m constantly looking for new ways to create awareness for our products while growing our customer base cost-efficiently.”

– Zach Jacobs, Director of Marketing at Mack Weldon.

As a fast-growing business, Mack Weldon was looking for a channel to acquire new customers cost-effectively. They created editorial content, which served as a landing page to cater to audiences that were driven there by native ads. Taboola drives new customer acquisition for Mack Weldon at greater scale compared to other native advertising channels.

Mack Weldon leverages Taboola’s audience insights.

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Insights gained from initial Taboola campaigns identified the best audiences from hundreds of premium sites around the web, allowing Mack Weldon to target consumers who were most likely to purchase their products.

From there, campaigns were optimized on a day-to-day basis by fine-tuning the brand’s messaging, site-level targeting, bids and budget allocation.

Throughout the process, Taboola’s Data Marketplace found additional insights on audience segments. These new segments, regardless of publisher site, were delivering the best performance.

Several of the new audience segments found provided opportunities that helped the Mack Weldon team set up new campaigns. This allowed them to attract additional users from those segments, which came from current, new, and previously less-relevant sites to their campaign on the Taboola network.

Data Marketplace was key to providing scale, and helped Mack Weldon target users who were most likely to convert.

Taboola also created a custom audience segment for Mack Weldon, based on an understanding of the retailer’s core customer, competition, product set and experience on other digital channels.

Campaigns targeting this curated audience delivered a 39 percent lift in conversion rate.

Creative strategy helps customers engage, retarget and convert.

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Across all of these efforts, Mack Weldon was able to engage prospective audiences with owned content—a long-form article covering the top reasons current customers really love underwear from Mack Weldon.

To get the most from their owned content, Mack Weldon worked with Taboola’s creative strategy team to optimize creative combinations (headlines and thumbnail images) for the best results. Rotating new creative into experimental campaigns helped the retailer maintain effective engagement and conversion rates.

Interested users who responded to native ads but did not make a purchase were then retargeted with messaging and landing pages based on their position in the funnel – whether they had visited the site or added items to a shopping cart. As a new brand focused on acquiring new customers, all existing customers were excluded from prospecting campaigns after having already made a purchase.

With Taboola at the forefront of its content marketing efforts, Mack Weldon has added another dimension to its growth as an emerging brand.

Content marketing delivers efficient results.

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Promoting owned content, targeting highly-qualified audiences, and using a sequential messaging strategy based on funnel position; together have contributed to a successful partnership, and incremental ROI for Mack Weldon.

Visitors were almost three times as likely to convert on secondary campaigns, after having engaged first with content from Mack Weldon.

“With Taboola, we more than doubled down on content marketing this year and grew our campaigns to drive thousands of customers every month.”

Recently, we found especially high-converting audiences on Taboola’s Data Marketplace. Targeting those audiences gave us greater scale and drove more purchases on sites that either previously did not convert or converted at too high of a cost.”

– Zach Jacobs, Director of Marketing at Mack Weldon.

We plan on testing new targeting features and ad formats available with Taboola, heading into 2018, including in-feed video and additional audience capabilities.

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