While temperatures were heating up, the US consumer economy started to cool down, driven by increasing inflation and talk of an impending recession.

In May, consumer spending decreased 0.3% in the advanced retail and food service categories, but, excluding autos, overall sales were up 0.5%, although those aren’t adjusted for inflation. Yearly, overall sales have increased by 8.1%.

For advertisers and publishers, knowing what consumers are most interested in is the key to driving engagement and sales. To find out, we analyzed Skimlinks publisher data (a Taboola company) from May and June to better understand the consumer mindset.

The data revealed three top trends:

  • Shoppers continue to invest in home goods and personal improvement products
  • Nothing can stop 2022 wedding plans
  • Pets are getting pampered and showered with products

These varied verticals of interest are great news because, regardless of your industry, there are sales to be made. Use the insights from this post to fuel your content and campaign strategy to capture more consumer attention.

All About Improvement: Home and Personal Care

Consumers still want to seek comfort in their homes and create an oasis from the stress of the outside world. Given the last two years, that is perfectly understandable and why we continue to see steady interest in purchasing home improvement products. Furniture in general and mattresses, in particular, are hot items, and May’s Memorial Day sales likely gave this ongoing trend a boost.

The pandemic also changed the way many people think about health and fitness. Increased sales of home gym equipment and eBikes suggest that even though gyms are open, consumers are now used to working out at home alone or with the online fitness classes they adopted during the pandemic.

Key Takeaway: Support consumers on their health journeys by peppering content and campaigns with workout equipment and other items that support well-being, especially products that can be used during the warmer summer months.

Since many people will continue to travel and visit friends near and far, hosts will want to spruce up their homes, so create shopping guides that round up the best products for interiors and outdoor areas.


Love (and Weddings) Is in the Air

After two very slow years, 2022 will hold the record for the most weddings ever, totaling about 2.5 million. Between wedding vendors trying to make up for the financial losses they incurred during 2020 and 2021 and inflation, couples will need to spend an extra $1000-$3000 this year on their special day.

Prices are up for everything from event spaces to catering to flowers. Brides and grooms aren’t the only ones affected by increased costs. Guests will spend more on wedding attire, gifts, and travel expenses, with out-of-town guests needing to fork over close to $1,300 per wedding.

Key Takeaway: Now is the time for advertisers and publishers to grab their slice of the $57.9 billion wedding industry pie (or cake, as the case may be) by promoting items for the big day, bridal party, and guests. Everyone will be looking for ways to save a few extra dollars, so feature deals and sales in your content and campaigns.


It’s Raining Cat and Dog Products

May and June were the first months to show a trend in pet product purchases since the pandemic adoption days. It could be because both months are home to many pet-oriented social holidays.

In May, people celebrated National Pet Month (May), National Dog Mom’s Day (May 8), and National Rescue Dog Day (May 20). June was Adopt a Cat Month and included Pet Appreciation Week (June 6-12) and Take Your Pet to Work Week (June 21-25).

That said, most pet parents don’t need a reason to spoil their furry four-legged bestie, which is evident since Americans will spend nearly $110 billion on them this year.

Key Takeaway: Pet products never go out of style, and pet owners can’t get enough of them. Pet tech items like GPS trackers and mini cameras that let pet owners keep an eye on their fluffballs now that their back in the office have soared in popularity.

If your audience is into those devices, provide genuine content reviews to help them score the best deals on top-rated products. Pet subscription boxes are also wildly popular, and many suppliers offer affiliate opportunities that you can scoop up and cash in on.


Make Your Campaigns Sizzle

It’s easy to get swept up in long summer days and rely on the strategy you already have in place, but this is no time to rest. People feel uncertain and uneasy about the future, so while economists believe that spending will continue, things can change without warning.

That means you need to catch consumers while they’re in the right mood. Easily do that by incorporating consumer search trends into your content and launching native ad campaigns.

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