You’ve created the most spectacular, engaging content in the world and you just know it will resonate with your target audience, but how do you reach those people? “If you build it, they will come” just doesn’t apply to content marketing. Publishing content is simply not enough to attract the right people to consume your content and hopefully take action.

If you’re like the millions of marketers out there who are rethinking their advertising strategies, then you’re contemplating whether or not to work with a content discovery platform.

The question is: With the array of choices on the market, how do you best select a platform that will help you achieve your goals?

In our recently published Content Discovery Guide, we created a checklist of key aspects you should consider when choosing a content discovery solution.

  1. Quality of Publisher Network – Where exactly does the recommendation widget appear? Do the sites attract a high amount of traffic and are they aligned with your target audience?
  2. Scale – How many users does the platform reach? If geography is important to you, be sure you’re able to reach users in the regions most important to you.
  3. Platform Support – Are mobile devices like smartphones and tablets supported?
  4. Targeting – How much can you drill down your targeting to reach the audience that you really want to influence? Does the platform offer any retargeting capabilities?
  5. Tracking – Will you have the ability to track CPA and PPV?
  6. Reporting – What kind of reporting and analytics are at your disposal? Can you export the data to customize your reports?
  7. Ease-of-Use – How user friendly is the platform’s campaign management interface? Can you access the information you need via mobile?
  8. Service – What kind of customer support does the platform offer? Will you get personalized attention from an account manager to help with planning, tailoring content, and optimizing your campaigns? Is self-service available?

If all else fails, a good rule of thumb is to simply test a small handful of platforms to see how well they perform in achieving your goals.

Interested in learning more about content discovery? Click HERE to download your free Content Discovery Guide.

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