Tuesday March 21st || by Inbar Yagur

We’re constantly asked by customers how to improve the performance of their campaigns running with Taboola. Our creative strategy and account management teams are hard at work helping you to optimize, and be successful on our platform.

The thing is, the way people interact with content on the internet is always changing—and so the way they interact with the Taboola widget changes too.

Our creative strategy team has tested these strategies over time, and dove deep into their outcomes with the help of our data analyst, to help pinpoint the best performing titles, image best practices, and much more.

Check out the infographic below, and enable yourself to take your next discovery campaign creative to the next level.

Click to get the PDF version.Taboola best practices


Inbar Yagur

Heading up the Creative Strategy Team at Taboola, courageously defying time zones to support brand success from Australia to Seattle, and structuring Taboola best practices. I'm a rabid consumer of pop culture and politics, reciter of 90's SNL skits, mother, and a film school survivor.