Did you know that Yahoo reaches nearly 900 million readers around the world each month, bringing people the content they love from sites like Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Sports.

With Taboola Ads powering native ad campaigns across Yahoo’s trusted owned and operated digital properties, this means advertisers have a massive opportunity to launch engaging Taboola native ad campaigns across Yahoo — helping meet their full-funnel digital marketing goals.

The big question is: How can brands build eye-catching, creative ads that stand out among these 900 million readers and meet their KPIs?

The Taboola Creative Shop has the answer. Our global team of experts and strategists analyzed top-performing ads across Yahoo and Taboola native properties in Q4 2023. We used these insights to publish the Yahoo-Focused Global Creative Trends Playbook — a comprehensive guide of data-backed recommendations, trends, and strategies to boost your native campaign performance this quarter.

Get an exclusive preview of emerging creative trends and dive deeper by downloading the playbook below.

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Yahoo-Focused Global Creative Trends for Native Ads

  • Call out real people. Start your titles and descriptions by highlighting the human subjects in your content — and your target audience. Remember to use descriptors like job titles (doctors, flight attendants, plastic surgeons), familial terms (parents, moms, dads), and generations (seniors, millennials, Gen Z).
    • Example: “Thousands of Parents Are Using This Service Every Day”
  • Educate and inform. The most effective native ad titles tell readers how they’ll learn something new and beneficial by clicking on the ad. So, try incorporating phrases that clearly get this message across.
    • Example: “The Ultimate Guide To…,” “This Can Teach You…,” Experts Share…”
  • Use a medium Zoom. Top images and motion graphics across the network include medium-zoom shots of people. Bonus if they represent an authority figure or expert that will help build trust among readers.
    • Example: Include an image of an individual person shown from the shoulders up.
  • Try split-screen images. Showcase comparisons, grab people’s attention, and make the most of your visual real estate by offering two images in one.
    • Example: Feature “before” and “after” images to illustrate a problem and a solution, provided by your brand.
  • Show and tell. The “Hands Demonstrations” trend emphasizes the dynamic use of hands in an image or motion ad, whether pointing towards the product, showcasing its usage, or holding it, to effectively communicate the product’s features and benefits.
    • Example: Highlight hands holding a makeup brush or lipstick in a beauty ad.

Ready to optimize your Yahoo native ad campaigns with even more winning strategies? Download the Yahoo-Focused Global Creative Trends Playbook to get started. And look out for next quarter’s playbook of expert trends and tips.

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