The global tourism industry grew by over 40% in 2022 after steep drops in 2020 and 2021. And it’s expected to rise another 14% in 2023, reaching nearly $2.29 trillion.

Now, how can advertisers take advantage of this travel boom and increase revenue? By reaching consumers with optimized campaigns that speak to their needs and wanderlust.

That’s where the Taboola Creative Playbook: Travel comes in — built just for advertisers of booking sites, airlines, hotels, tourism boards, and travel products.

The Taboola Creative Shop — a global team of experts and strategists — pulled readership trends, insights, and engagement data from our network of over 9,000 premium publisher properties and 5.6 billion travel pageviews. And they compiled it all into the ultimate creative guide for travel marketers.

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Here’s just some of what they found:

  • Convey ease and inspiration for travel. Use your ads to share how your product or services can make the travel experience easier and more convenient, and share tips and offers for specific trips.
  • Write first-person headlines. Craft ad titles written from the perspective of a real traveler, often in the form of a review.
  • Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) to increase clicks. DKI automatically customizes ad copy to each user based on specifics like their location or device. For example, you can use DKI to personalize headlines like “People in [Los Angeles] Love These Weekend Travel Tips.”
  • Include suggested calls to action (CTAs). Taboola recommends travel advertisers use CTAs like “Book Now,” “Get Offer,” and “Read More” to drive ad clicks.
  • Make it all-inclusive. Put pricing and saving opportunities front-and-center by highlighting actual travel costs, savings opportunities, and added benefits. For example: “These Affordable All-Inclusives Are Under $400 Plus Bonus Perks.”
  • Add visuals and social proof to your landing pages. Improve on-page engagement with moving images, GIFs, and videos. Also, add testimonials and featured press snippets to build trust and credibility.

Ready to help your travel ad campaigns take flight with data-backed strategies for enhanced performance? Download the Taboola Creative Playbook: Travel to learn more.

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