In today’s fast-changing digital marketing landscape, finding hard-working, enthusiastic and technically-savvy individuals to join our team is challenging. That’s why we created the Taboola Summer Internship Program.

Inviting promising young talent to work in a summer digital media intern position at Taboola has proven to be a win-win. Each intern gains valuable experience and insight into what a future in their chosen field might look like. And Taboola gets a chance to introduce tomorrow’s digital media leaders to our global company culture and ever-expanding business.

At Taboola we know how rapidly technology has, and is, changing marketing. So we’re committed to ongoing hands-on training, exploration, and educational opportunities for our employees.

We embrace global collaboration and welcome team members who are ready to roll up their sleeves, immerse themselves in Taboola’s continuous training program and environment, and who understand the importance of using data analytics to inform problem-solving and decision-making in the digital media world.

Our Intern Roles and Accomplishments

Taboola offers internships in a variety of roles and departments. Here are three examples:

Programmatic Partnerships

Our Programmatic Partnerships Interns support the global team in daily Excel-based analytics and operational tasks. They also gain valuable communications experience assisting in client-facing tasks, such as optimizing on-going client activities in an ever-evolving marketing environment.

In her role as a Programmatic Partnerships Intern this summer, Cameo Hazelwood honed her Excel skills by working on projects involving measuring the advertising spend of large, well-known brands across the Taboola Programmatic buying landscape.

Hazelwood says her time with Taboola helped confirm her decision of what to study next.

“As an undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania, I studied both Cognitive Science and Consumer Psychology and began to become very interested in the intersection of marketing and data. 

I am preparing to return to Penn for my Masters in Behavioral and Decision Sciences, where I am excited to learn more about understanding consumer behavior through data. At Taboola, I was able to explore this space more and became even more excited about it.”

Media Sales & Account Management

Interns in media sales and account management help the sales team find new media companies to bring into the Taboola family.

Responsibilities include: prospecting; working in Salesforce; responding to Request for Proposals (RFPs), or requests from new clients to work with us, and conducting market research; as well as attending group training intensives, which Riley Flynn particularly enjoyed.

“I attended the Media Off-Site, held in the New York office’s Fun Room. The two days of in-depth media training were extremely valuable learning experiences and great opportunities to meet people in various roles within the department. 

The best part of the offsite was the interactive breakout sessions, where you were placed in teams and given a task, such as creating a media plan, then pitching it to the room (the bowling night was a close second)! [And] hearing from various leaders at Taboola about their growth within the company was inspiring.”

Publishing Sales & Account Management

Our publishing sales & account management interns work with teams to follow up on leads for new publishers and/or then work on managing those publisher accounts.

Daily activities include: assisting account management and sales teams to vet leads; analyzing data; and onboarding publisher partners for the Taboola platform. Ongoing work includes: analyzing industry and network trends; training on Taboola’s proprietary systems, plus universal sales tools such as Salesforce; and client-facing work, such as preparing presentations and providing performance updates for existing clients.

As a publishing sales and account management intern, Matty Glenn gained valuable knowledge and experience. He learnt that Taboola is far more than “that widget company,” providing expansive yet customized solutions for digital publishers.

“While some of our publishers’ main priority is to generate revenue from sponsored advertisements, there are also many for which ad revenue is the least of their concerns. Publishers may prioritize user engagement, time on site, a high-quality user experience, or all of the above. 

This is why Taboola doesn’t just display sponsored content, but a variety of content formats. There’s even the Taboola Newsroom, an invaluable tool for an editorial team, which provides real-time insights on both their own content, as well as viral trends across a publisher network with 28 million unique monthly users. Thus, I like to think of Taboola as a holistic consultative service for digital properties.”

We strive to create a challenging, enriching and fun environment for our summer interns, and are humbled by the contribution that each year’s group brings every time they come in the door.

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