The technology industry is ever-changing and evolving. Competition can be stiff, and consumers aren’t only thinking about what’s “now,” but also what’s coming down the line.  

Technology spending isn’t slowing down, and the marketers who can move at its pace effectively are the ones who will succeed. There are more consumers than ever making technology an irreplaceable part of their everyday lives, so there’s never been a better time to use technology marketing to make sure that your brand is included.

Our Technology Benchmark Report uncovers data-driven trends and insights to help you succeed at content discovery worldwide.

We give you a leg up on the competition by identifying the best opportunities for technology marketers—where there’s low supply and high demand—to capitalize on.

We define supply by percentage of spend on a type of content across the Taboola network and demand as click-through-rate (CTR).

Before diving in, follow along here for some of the highlights of this in-depth report.

Best Content Types For Technology Creatives

The best content types––articles, photo galleries, and videos––vary by country. Worldwide, text content remains popular despite a high supply. However, the biggest opportunity for technology marketers lies in campaigns with video landing pages.

Creative Best Practices for Technology Marketers

The Technology Benchmark Report is full of data-backed best practices on how to build effective creatives for sponsored content campaigns.

For example, here are some image trends that are proven to increase the success of your technology marketing creatives. As you can see, using color images is shown to increase conversions around both purchasing and lead generation goals.

Our sponsored content recommendations also highlight the most popular keywords to include in your headlines to increase clicks.

Here are some examples of high performing headlines based on the keywords:

  • This Might be the Last Camera you Ever Buy
  • Before Editing Photos by Hand, Try This Platform
  • Say Goodbye to TV Problems With our Latest Model

Time of Year Opportunities

For technology marketers, certain times of year bring about big opportunities. Here’s when we recommend you increase content discovery budgets:

Competitive KPIs in Technology Marketing

Finally, we examined all of the technology campaigns across our network and identified the goals we saw the most in the industry:

And, there’s more.

Download the full Technology Benchmark Report for insights on:

  • Audience targeting
  • Device targeting recommendations (for desktop, mobile and tablet)
  • Site Targeting and KPIs
  • and insights on the highest opportunity time of day and day of the week to deploy your creatives.
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