Today is a big day. A big win for the Open Web and a big win for the “good guys.” I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am. We just announced that we signed a long-term, strategic partnership with Yahoo. This is by far our most strategic partnership agreement ever, and in my mind one of the most exciting partnerships in the history of the Internet.

Yahoo is an internet hero. We’ve all been fans of them for many years. They’re one of the most trusted, innovative tech and media companies of our era. That’s why nearly 900M people visit Yahoo’s websites and apps every single month, again and again. 

We are honored that Yahoo chose Taboola because of our superior technology, greater monetization and cultural fit. Taboola is going to power recommendations and native advertising across iconic brands such as Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Sports, and all of Yahoo’s digital properties.

The agreement is for 30 years of strategic partnership and friendship. We’re going to join hands and innovate together, bringing more power to Open Web users, leveling up the fight against the walled gardens.

The Open Web Platform of Choice for Advertisers – Scale, Contextual Powerhouse and Performance 

The Open Web is huge but fragmented, so advertisers are forced to use multiple channels to reach scale, which is difficult. 

We’re changing that. Thanks to this partnership, advertisers will get access to 3 things – massive scale, contextual powerhouse in times of privacy, and return on ad spend. We intend to invest heavily in advertising stack, bidding strategies/SmartBid, creative formats, and more. 

Let’s break it down. Yahoo reaches nearly 900M people a month, this is an unbelievable scale with unbelievable performance for advertisers. Taboola, across our 9,000+ publisher partners, reaches about 500M active users a day. For advertisers and merchants this means unprecedented reach on the Open Web. 

But we’re not stopping there. The collaboration will also help the industry address the key challenges of effective targeting on the backdrop of iOS14 and the demise of 3rd party cookies. Our collaboration with Yahoo will give advertisers access to what I believe is the most sophisticated contextual dataset online. Together, we’re going to build a “Contextual Powerhouse”, enabling advertisers to target relevant audiences without relying on third-party cookies and while maintaining complete user privacy.

Great For Our Publishers – Getting Yahoo Demand on Our Network, Driving Audience, Engagement and Revenue  

The partnership means a lot to our publishers. To start, Yahoo native advertisers will now buy Taboola exclusively, meaning that our publishers will get even more quality demand. 

Additionally, we’ll be able to invest even more in driving revenue, engagement and audience growth for Open Web publishers. Everywhere I look, I see a rocketship opportunity for growth – eCommerce, Native Advertising innovation, Video and High Impact placements, personalization, audience growth, and more. It’s just unbelievable, and I can’t wait to share our plans with all of our publisher partners for the next many years to come.

Financially Stronger

It’s a meaningful milestone for Taboola. The new partnership with Yahoo is expected to add around $1 billion in annual revenue to Taboola once we’re fully ramped up. For illustration purposes, if Yahoo inventory was part of Taboola in 2022 we would have generated ~$2.5 billion in revenue, assuming it was fully ramped up and expected operating improvements were realized from day 1. That’s before additional revenue opportunities from growth engines we have identified to work on over time – things like eCommerce, Video, Header Bidding (Display) and more. We expect to start rolling out in the second half of 2023 and continue into 2024 – so that’s when you should expect this to start materializing. 

This partnership is highly accretive to the important metrics we focus on, and is expected to improve our Revenue per share by ~32%, Adjusted EBITDA per share by ~43%, and while we don’t guide for Free Cash Flow per share, our Free Cash Flow would grow nearly ~5x. 

Earlier in the year, at our investor day, we shared our goal of generating $1 billion in annual ex-TAC by 2025, which given our financial profile implies about $300M of Adjusted EBITDA and about $150M of Free Cash Flow. This partnership is a big step towards achieving that goal. It is  transformative not only for Taboola and Yahoo, but also for every publisher and advertiser on the planet. Together, we’re going to offer an even bigger and better alternative to the walled gardens. 

For our investor community, we will conduct a deal information session after the deal closes, which we expect will be in Q1 2023.

A Big Day for Taboola, our partners and the Open Web 

Partnering with Yahoo means we’re doubling down on our commitment to powering  recommendations across the Open Web, giving advertisers more choice against being trapped in walled gardens, while at the same time, driving growth to publishers. It’s a vote of confidence in our vision and team, given to us by one of the largest tech and media companies in the world and we’re thankful for that. 

As a founder, Apollo standing behind this partnership is amazing. I look forward to learning from Yahoo, and Apollo as we’re working together on realizing and redefining our dreams in the next few decades. 

We’re committed to each other, the Open Web, the advertising community and journalism. Today is just the beginning. 



Disclaimer – Forward-Looking Statements
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