South Korea has long been at the forefront of consumer technology. According to KT Corp’s research center, Digieco, 83% of South Koreans now own a smartphone, making it the country with the fourth-highest smartphone penetration rate in the world. Additionally, as of earlier this year, mobile penetration has officially overtaken that of PCs throughout the country. At Taboola, we’ve seen massive growth in emerging markets such as India, where increased smartphone ownership opens up an array of new opportunities for marketers to reach and engage with mobile-first consumers through content, and ultimately drive commerce.

To that end, I’m excited to announce that Taboola has signed an exclusive media partnership with Purplefriends, a full-service marketing agency based in South Korea, and a member of the prestigious Yello Digital Marketing (YDM) group. Purplefriends will be enlisting new Korean brands and marketers to work with Taboola and uncover the power of ROI-driven content marketing.

The partnership will focus heavily on mobile and content discovery for both smartphones and tablets. With purchases from mobile devices in Korea already reaching $9.8 billion, Taboola and Purplefriends together have the potential to impact mobile consumer decision journeys – from considering products to purchasing.

To learn more about our partnership, please read the full press release here.

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