As we approach the end of the calendar year, I’m excited to share some big news that reflects our team’s hard-fought efforts over the past few months.

We are the World’s Largest Discovery Platform.

In 2015, we made international expansion a priority, and Taboolars around the world have helped us expand into major new markets, ramping up operations in Brazil, India, and Germany, signing new strategic partnerships with Chinese search giant Baidu and Korean marketing agency Purplefriends, and expanding on our strategic relationships with Yahoo! Japan and Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso.

The result of that major undertaking is now seen in the numbers. This week, comScore announced that Taboola reaches more unique global desktop users — 639.5 million — than any other distributed content network in the world.

world's largest discovery platform

These numbers follow previous reports from comScore, which noted that Taboola reaches 86 percent of desktop users in the US (more than Facebook, Google Sites, Yahoo and AOL), and more desktop users in the UK than YouTube or any other competing discovery network.

It’s an honor to achieve such a major milestone, but we also know that it is one step on our longer journey: to build content discovery into the next major digital channel, alongside search and social, connecting people around the world with content they may like but never knew existed.

We’re excited to continue our work with leading brands and publishers on tapping into the full potential of this new category, increasing audience engagement and uncovering new ways for marketers to promote their stories at scale while driving real ROI.

Stay tuned for more news as we enter 2016. This is only the beginning.

To learn more about the announcement from comScore, please read the full press release here.

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