Pride month is in full force, and this year, it’s more than rainbow treats and pride-themed Google Meet backgrounds (we’ll have those too.) Taboola Pride, in partnership with Taboolar allies, is honoring and celebrating Pride Month across the globe, and we’re doing so by leading with one of our core values, curiosity. While we are excited to celebrate all Taboolars, we’re proud to infuse LGBTQ+ education into the festivities as we strive to ensure all Taboolars are supported and seen and reassured that diversity isn’t just corporate jargon; it’s an imperative asset.

According to the BBC, several LGBTQ+ people surveyed by the Center for American Progress in 2022 within the last year reported some form of workplace discrimination and harassment because of their sexual orientation or gender identity leading to quitting, amongst other negative repercussions. At Taboola, we are committed to fostering a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to bring their whole selves to work – whether in the office or remotely. While Pride month is an opportunity to celebrate with rainbow accents and parades, more importantly, it’s an opportunity to build awareness and educate Taboolars and the greater community on just how vital inclusivity is.

In the spirit of celebrating Taboolars and all of who they are, we have been hosting some dynamic festivities throughout Pride month. In Tel Aviv, some of our Taboola Pride members participated in the parade because what is pride month without a parade? Additionally, we were honored to welcome Alon Livneh, B2B Product Marketing Manager from Riskified, to speak as a guest lecturer and educate us on “Transitioning on the Job, & How to be a Trans Ally.” Alon shared his story about undergoing a significant (and very visible) life-changing gender transition while working at the same company. Alon questions how open we all are to change and how it impacts our environment. He asked the audience, “What can we do as companies and as people to embrace change and accommodate and support those undergoing it?”

Across the US, Taboolars participated in some competitive Bingo with a twist. Hosted by two incredible drag performers, the Bingo games were elevated with pride-themed trivia questions to provide education on LGBTQ+ history and to help players have an extra chance to win a free Bingo space. During a time when the drag industry is dealing with negative legislation, Taboola Pride felt it was imperative to support this space while bringing a fun and dynamic energy to the offices. The events supported LGBTQ+ businesses, including Gay Beer refreshments, rainbow pizzas, Drag.Gifts swag, and local performers like the witty and talented Hibiscus. Some Taboolars were quick to show gratitude for this inclusion by sharing that “it has been hard to watch legislation that has passed across the nation recently. I’m glad to see Taboola Pride using its platform to promote an art form that really needs support right now.”

APAC indulged in some pride-themed treats, wore their hearts on their sleeves with Taboola Pride T-shirts, and will extend the celebrations beyond June. During an upcoming Sales and Account Management off-site, Taboola Pride will host a pride-themed trivia event to close out a busy week of sales boot camp.

And the celebrations continued into Europe, from intimate pride discussions in Hungary to colorful breakfast chats in Madrid; this pride season was nothing short of vibrant conversations and deepening our understanding of diversity. Across Europe, there were happy hours, drag Bingo quizzes, open discussions surrounding pride, and lots of prideful selfies! Taboolars were having such a great time documenting the moments that the images were turned into gifs, which later transformed into an “I stand with inclusion” campaign. The campaign extended its reach across European offices, further driving Taboola’s commitment to diversity through unity.

Celebrating Pride during June allowed us to truly unify across the globe, and while Pride Month is coming to a close, we remind all Taboolars and our communities that pride is not designated for one month out of the year. It’s an ongoing state of mind. Check out the many prideful moments by visiting our social channels for more celebrations beyond this pride season!

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