In today’s world, when hearing that someone has spent eight years at the same company, the question of “why?” usually comes up. Retention generally sounds terrific, but what does it matter without understanding the reasons why people stay? We were excited to learn from Kristine Gaviola, Team Lead, West Coast, Account Management, that there are multiple “whys” that have inspired her to continue her career at Taboola over the years, and it goes deeper than enjoying the work environment, and the suite of products here. Keep reading to learn about Kristine’s evolution at Taboola and why she keeps building here.

What stands out about Taboola’s product solutions based on your industry knowledge?

When I first joined Taboola, I was immediately impressed with our Product team’s involvement. After my first few client and internal Product meetings, I noticed that the Product team wanted advertisers’ feedback to make our product even better. I had never worked at a company where I’d go into the field, talk to advertisers, and bring it back to the Product team, who would then prioritize the feedback. It’s great to be a part of that active engagement, and it allows you to feel like you’re a part of something bigger.

LA, 2019

You’ve been promoted three times since joining Taboola. What resources have helped you get there, and what keeps you motivated?

I started as an Account Manager, was promoted to Senior Account Manager, then Client Success Lead, and now Account Management Team Lead for the West Coast, where I oversee four people. When I started, I was a part of the second Taboola University class, which has since grown tremendously, but it ultimately provides business-specific training to new hires. I’ve also always been the type who likes to “dive in” and learn. Being goal-focused has helped me continue to hit revenue goals with myself and my team and has led me to win sales club three years in a row!

I stay motivated by helping my team develop, hit their milestones, and watch their numbers grow. Their success is my success.

Post Tel Aviv Kick Off – Jordan, 2020

What advice would you offer someone considering joining Taboola as an Account Manager?

Native, agency, or programmatic industry experience is a plus but not a dealbreaker. Ultimately, you should be able to showcase your motivation to learn and succeed.

Starting my career in sales and lead generation was helpful to where I am today in my career. If you’re interested in being considered for an Account Management role here (regardless of the industry you are coming from), be prepared to speak in detail and provide action-oriented examples of client-focused questions:

  • How do you build effective relationships with clients?
  • How do you measure and care for budgets and KPIs?
  • How have you grown your accounts?
  • How have you showcased the ability to adapt, demonstrate flexibility, and wear different hats with your clients?
  • How do you measure client success?

Barcelona, Sales Kickoff, 2017

Who at Taboola inspires you and why?

Fernando Tassinari, Head of Advertising Account Management for the West Coast, inspires me to go above and beyond for our team because of his attitude, work ethic, trust, and kindness. With Fernando, there is a level of transparency that makes me feel comfortable and supported to speak freely, ask all my questions, take on new challenges, and make mistakes, and in every instance, he’s had my best interest in mind. Under his leadership, I feel trusted to lead with processes or ideas that I think are best. He listens and will constructively challenge the reasoning behind my ideas to ensure that we (as a team) will stay on a path that will work.

Two other leaders also inspire me: Evangeline Axiotis, Head of Publisher Account Management, and Shana Orth, Director of Account Management. Evangeline’s industry knowledge, cross-functional collaboration, focus, and growth over the years inspire people in our field, especially women who aspire to become leaders. And as a new mom, Shana has motivated me with her positivity and ability to humanize our world of AI. She crushes it at work while raising a beautiful daughter simultaneously. I look to these women and feel inspired that I can do it all if I set my mind to it.

Greece, Sales Club Awards, 2018

How has Taboola enabled you to live a balanced life outside of work?

I’ve grown up with Taboola. After eight years, three promotions, a one-year-old, and another on the way, it’s important for me to emphasize how much Taboola has provided me with an actual “work/life balance.” Aside from the professional gains, I’ve been fortunate to travel to ten different countries for work and develop relationships with incredible people; if I saw them on the street, I would actually stop to hug them!

As I evolve personally, Taboola has supported the changes in my life. My first maternity leave at Taboola was amazing, and it allowed me to spend time with my little one as I learned to navigate motherhood, a fundamental shift in my life, while still being able to contribute to monthly bills at home. Leadership truly understands and emphasizes the importance of balance and supports mothers and parents here, and because of the FTO (Flexible Time Off) and hybrid work policies, I feel less stressed about taking a day or a few hours if my child or I are sick.

Most of my team and all my advertisers are on the West Coast while I sit in NY, and Taboola has always been supportive of how and when to travel to ensure efficiency and effectiveness for both myself and the advertiser. Leadership continues to be supportive, and while I’m currently pregnant, there are no negative perceptions of how I can balance my personal life and still get my work done during a typical workday.

Me with my little one, 2023

My “why” for staying at Taboola changes yearly, but the incredible people here are a constant. Taboola continues to evolve within the ad-tech industry, which means the fast-moving train I jumped on eight years ago, will continue to keep things fun and exciting. From life-long friendships to supportive leadership and resources like HR, I’m proud of how I’ve grown personally and professionally and grateful that Taboola has evolved with me.

To learn more about why we are consistently ranked as a great place to work, check out the Taboola Life blog and visit our careers page. #TaboolaLife

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