If you’re looking to increase sales and leads at scale, then it’s time to set your campaigns in motion.

Between the visual pop of image ads and the dynamic storytelling of video ads lies another, innovative ad format that’s proven to drive conversions and engagement: Motion Ads.

In fact, brands across verticals have already used Motion Ads to improve performance and diversify their campaigns. Creating Motion Ads is also easier than ever now with Taboola’s new Motion Ads Studio — a free tool for converting new or existing creatives into Motion Ads.

So, how can your brand drive conversions and sales with this high-performing ad format?

Here’s what you need to know.

What are Motion Ads?

Motion Ads are short, soundless videos that move for up to 15 seconds and loop like GIFs. They’re designed to be eye-catching and high-performing, helping you increase engagement and conversions at scale.

Advertisers can run Motion Ads as sponsored content placements across Taboola’s network of over 9,000 premium publisher sites. Motion Ads can also be complemented with add-ons like descriptions, which provide more pre-click information, and CTA buttons, which encourage users to complete a specific action.

What are the benefits of Motion Ads?

Motion Ads are proven to increase click-through rates (CTRs) and conversion rates (CVRs) while lowering your cost-per-action (CPA) and cost-per-click (CPC). In short, if you are focused on driving consideration or conversion goals, you should utilize Motion Ads in your campaigns.

More specifically, Motion Ads can be beneficial for:

  • Web engagement. Motion Ads on web engagement campaigns drive a 30% uplift in CTR without changing CPCs.
  • Purchases. Motion Ads increase CVR by 20% and decrease CPA by 15% for advertisers driving e-commerce purchases.
  • App installs. Motion Ads generate a 12% uplift in CVR and a 14% reduction in CPI.
  • Conversions. Motion Ads can diversify your storytelling capabilities, driving a 7% average CTR lift, 10% CVR lift, and 9% decrease in CPA.

Motion Ads offer a range of creative benefits, too. With the eye-catching power of Motion Ads, you can:

  • Be easily noticeable and win more user attention
  • Extend the life of your creatives by adding an element of motion
  • Keep users engaged by sharing content on a silent, continuous loop

Advertisers can also take advantage of the new Motion Ads Studio, a free tool built into their Taboola Ads dashboard. Motion Ads Studio is currently available in English, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese.

With the brand-new Motion Ads Studio, you can:

  • Easily turn static images into high-performing Motion Ads
  • Save time and resources on content creation
  • Experiment with 17 unique templates
  • A/B test multiple templates right from your dashboard to see which ads perform best

Motion Ads in action: How 5 companies drive results*

Now, let’s see how companies across verticals have used Motion Ads to increase sales and engagement.


Tnuva, the largest food manufacturer in Israel, increased market share for its new GO Yogurt product by 40% in just two weeks with Motion Ads. The ads were paired with impactful CTAs and shared across premium publisher sites, achieving an 87% lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA) than Tnuva’s goal.

Read the case study.

StartEngine & Island Brands

Crowdfunding platform StartEngine needed to raise funds for premium beer company Island Brands USA. So they launched Motion Ads targeted towards beer and alcohol enthusiasts who might want to invest. As a result, they generated over $34,000 in investments in less than two months, and a 113% return on ad spend (ROAS) with Motion Ads.

Read the case study.


Gaming platform Zupee drove over 100,000 app installs and a 25% lower customer acquisition cost (CAC) than their goal with Motion Ads. Taboola Motion Ads also generated higher-quality leads and higher retention rates than other solutions.

Read the case study.

ALM Corp & Multinet Up

Leading fintech brand Multinet Up and agency ALM Corp achieved a 92% qualified lead rate and 75% increase in conversion rate in just one month with Motion Ads and Image Ads. They used these ads to target potential customers and re-target engaged audiences who’d already spent time on their website.

Read the case study.

Cluey Learning

Online tutoring platform Cluey Learning generated a 40% lower CAC than their target with Motion Ads, reaching parents looking to enroll their kids on the site. Cluey Learning also found that 15% of all website traffic came from Taboola.

Read the case study.

The future of advertising in motion

At Taboola, we’ll continue to expand our Motion Ads offering — and introduce even more innovative ad formats — to help you engage audiences at scale and drive revenue across the open web. So, stay tuned for more!

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*Ad creative examples featured with case studies may not be the exact ads from the case studies.

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