From the second week of March through the first week of April, the United States is gripped with one thrilling college basketball tournament—March Madness.

As the label given to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments, these games determine the national champions of college basketball.

There’s hype from fans of every team, but we’ve taken a look at what’s really happening on the web. Breaking it down by day, we looked at the popularity of each team by readership—the number of readers who read about each team—check out our moving map:March Madness

As the days go on, readership is consistent with the teams playing, with widespread interest in Duke, North Carolina and Louisville.

Interestingly, Oregon and Washington always support the Oregon Ducks. This is especially surprising because the Washington team, Gonzaga, came into the March Madness tournaments strong, and have done well to date—but readers in Washington continue to focus on Oregon.

In addition, North Carolina and South Carolina consistently read about their own teams day by day, whereas interest in the other states waxes and wanes depending on the rounds.

This is the current bracket, as released by the NCAA. We’ll be following the tournament over the next few weeks to determine who you’re really interested in as the games progress.march madness bracket

Check back here for more updates as the teams drop out, and the fans’ attention shifts.

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