Taboola has always empowered advertisers to reach audiences across the world’s top sites. Now we’re making it even even easier with Taboola Ads — our next-generation media platform designed to provide a simpler, more intuitive way for you to achieve your business goals.

With Taboola Ads, advertisers will see:

  • Improved navigation for a more user-friendly experience
  • New customer reporting features to help you analyze your data
  • Easier uploading of creative assets for your campaigns
  • In-platform recommendations to optimize campaign performance

To learn more about Taboola Ads, watch this video from one of the brains behind the operation — Ami Rotter, UX Expert in Performance Marketing & Data Product Management at Taboola — with the full transcript below.

Hi, my name is Ami. I’m a user experience designer. For the past three years, I’ve been working on the new Taboola Ads platform.

We built a brand-new user interface from scratch. We’re adding new features and new advertisers every week. We’re getting a lot of feedback and we’re improving constantly. Whenever I hear about advertisers that started to use the platform without any friction, that’s the best news I could hear.

This is our next-generation media platform. This is where you start your campaigns and manage them. We’re proud that it’s much easier to use now. You can customize the data and see it just like you want it. Navigation has improved. You don’t have to open multiple windows. Everything is much more accessible.

Creating ads is much easier now. You take a few titles and a few images, and we automatically mix and match them to get you multiple ad variations.


We also have a beautiful new graph, and we are adding more graphs to other reports now.

The platform was built with advertisers in mind so they can take control of their captions. Although we do have a large number of account managers to help our clients and support them, we still want them to have the capabilities to do things on their own.


It’s built for self-service, and it’s easy and intuitive to use.

The beauty of the platform is that it’s built for advertisers of any size. If you’re an expert, that’s great. If not, we’ll still make you successful.

It was a lot of work. It took over 1,000 dev tickets, 21 Slack channels, and running usability testings with clients from all over the world. We had to move 10,000 advertisers from one platform to another, so it was a huge challenge and it went by pretty smoothly.

Advertisers will now have a tool that was built and tailored for them. Whatever you do with Taboola, you can now do it more easily. It’s a tool that will help you achieve your business goals seamlessly.

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