Empowering advertising and digital marketing professionals is an essential part of Taboola’s core mission. Through thoughtful sales teams, dedicated account management teams, and abundant resources, we’re constantly ensuring the success of our advertisers, and now we’ve added one more tool to the roster.

Enter: Taboola PRO, a program designed to equip brands, agencies, and marketers with the best practices they need to increase customer acquisition, platform adoption, campaign success, and growth potential across their digital properties using Taboola’s platform.

Kicking it off

The inaugural Taboola PRO session kicked off in early 2019 at the Taboola office in Tel Aviv, followed by sessions all across the globe. The result? Interactive, effective, and enjoyable experiences with tangible takeaways.

Over a spread of pastries, sandwiches, and a hearty serving of Taboola swag, the marketing professionals of Playtika learned firsthand about how to get more out of their Taboola campaigns.

“Being a part of Taboola Pro has enlightened our eyes and has made a great contribution to us in the professional field. It was both an educational and fun experience which is the perfect balance to learn and retain information!”-Ofir Morag, UA Marketing Manager, Playtika Israel

The Next Sessions

With the first session in Tel Aviv a ringing success, it was on to London with participants from leading German and Austrian advertising agencies in the U.K. There, the talented team from Purpur Media joined Taboola for two days of discussing, learning, and of course a photo opportunity in the famed Taboola car.

“We are excited to be the first in the region to enter Taboola’s partner program. We have been working with Taboola for over a year now and are able to deliver best-in-class native advertising services to our clients across the globe. We can aim to provide long term content solutions with incredible support, training, and advice from team Taboola.”-Tanja Bauer, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager, Purpur Media

In Düsseldorf, the team from Resolution Media (an Omnicom Media Group Company) also attended a Taboola PRO session and left with tangible takeaways

“The session provided us with even deeper insights and learnings that will strengthen our expertise in native advertising in the long term. We can transfer this added value seamlessly into the client experience and thus further drive the success of our clients.” -David Said, Head of Native Advertising at Resolution Media (an Omnicom Media Group Company)


In India, two more successful sessions were carried out with Valueleaf Services and Chimp&z Inc.

“Taboola Pro opened opportunities for us to increase awareness about native advertising, learn pro tips, advanced optimization and know the product even better. We hold special gratitude for the Taboola team for keeping us on our toes with its educational workshops. Thank you for the grounding knowledge and for helping us succeed with Taboola’s world-class native advertising solutions.” Rajesh C, Manager of Media Buying, Valueleaf Services


“We are excited to be one of the first in the region to associate with Taboola’s PRO Program. We look forward to working with Taboola and being able to deliver best-in-class native advertising services to our clients across the globe. With Taboola’s support and services, we aim to provide long term content solutions with the incredible support, training and advice from team Taboola.” Lavinn Rajpal, Co-Founder & COO, Chimp&z Inc


With these great Taboola PRO sessions in the book, we’re looking forward to seeing the next class of graduates throw their bears-turned-caps and walk out of our office feeling empowered and confident to take their success with Taboola to the next level.

For more information, reach out to your Taboola account manager.

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