Search the term “Hispanic Heritage Month” (HHM), and you’ll read about how this monumental event started as the independence for many Latin countries or some of the different ways Latinx/Hispanic people have made positive contributions around the world. Whatever your browser provides, let us be the first to share what HHM means to Taboolars and how we celebrated throughout the month and continuously throughout the year.

Hosted by Taboola’s ERG SOMOS Taboola, this HHM held many engaging and flavorful activities for everyone to enjoy. From colorful Latinx/Hispanic-inspired cocktails to special guest speakers, Taboolars came together to honor traditions and learn about the dynamic cultures many celebrate and take pride in today.

Quarterly Cafecito

In many Latin cultures, sharing a coffee and a pastry in the afternoon with coworkers or friends is a ritual, so earlier this year, SOMOS Taboola launched the first-ever Cafecito, which gained interest and excitement from many Taboolars across different regions. The 30-minute coffee session brought Taboolars together to learn about the Latinx/Hispanic culture, hear from a guest speaker, and get the inside scoop on Taboola business news. The second session was an even bigger hit, with over seventy Taboolars across the US, Mexico, and Brazil in attendance.

During this Cafecito, we welcomed guest speaker Mel Flores, Publisher Account Director of LATAM at Taboola, who led the discussions on how to work with different cultures around the world and how each country distinctively behaves when working together. It was wonderful to refocus attention with a coffee and a treat while featuring another Taboolar and learning about their background and experiences within the Taboola business.

Mel shares, “I grew up drinking cafecito since I was 3. It’s not just something I do daily, but it has become a ritual for self-care and a way to share and connect with people I love.” Half Cuban and born and raised in Mexico City, Mel has been with Taboola since 2019 and was recently promoted from Account Manager to Account Director within the LATAM region.

Salsa Class

Through language, cuisine, fashion, and art, there are so many ways that Latinx/Hispanic people showcase their pride and their culture, and music and dance are no exception! While there are many captivating traditional dances like the Flamenco and the Merengue, this year, the Salsa made its way to Taboola offices across the US. As salsa traditions have blended from culture to culture over the years and the beloved dance continues to evolve, Taboolars put on their dancing shoes to take on salsa dance lessons, proving they have other talents besides their day jobs.

Cocktail Making

When you think about cocktails, you might think about a night out with friends or a post-work happy hour function with colleagues. But, what some may not realize is that cocktails and mixed drinks are just as meaningful and important to many Latinx/Hispanic cultures as they are to other traditions. So, to honor those traditions and cultures, Taboolars raised a glass and got to work on concocting some delicious cocktails led by Liquid Lab NYC’s experienced Mixologists. The cocktails of the evening included Caipirinhas originating from Brazil, Coquitos, often found in several Spanish countries such as Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other islands, and the famous Margarita. Although the origins of this beloved cocktail are not entirely certain, Taboolars proved that there are infinite delicious ways to concoct them. With both alcoholic and dry options available, our team enjoyed colorful flavors, lots of laughs, and engaging conversations!

The Food

No celebration is complete without food, and we did not hold back. In support of Latinx/Hispanic communities, our people experience team, in partnership with SOMOS, stocked our kitchens and pantries with Latinx/Hispanic-owned snacks and drinks, featuring MayawellPerfyCraize Crackers, and 2GO! Organic Dried Fruit. The sugar on top of the churro was our end of HHM lunch, which featured a mix of delicious Latin foods catered by local Latin chefs and restaurants. Paella, Pastelón (think plantain lasagna), and empanadas were just a few mouthwatering dishes enjoyed across different regions, leaving us full of great food and, most importantly, appreciation for what these cultures offer.

Throughout HHM and the rest of the year, SOMOS Taboola works to champion the message of diversity, inclusion, and belonging to the Latinx/Hispanic Taboolars and aspiring allies globally. While the month was filled with delicious treats and fun and educational activities, pride in Latinx/Hispanic culture and heritage extends beyond HHM.

Check out what Taboolars had to say about what they love about their LatinX/Hispanic cultures, and look out for future events by following the hashtag #TaboolaLife.

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