Niche services can sometimes have a hard time finding new audiences. For Bombfell, a personal styling service for men, their audience grew quickly as they brought to market a unique solution to their customer’s problems—but they needed a push to achieve more scale.

They ended up working with Taboola and succeeded in their performance-based marketing strategy once they started running creative campaigns on our network.

“As a very performance-based marketing team, we needed to find additional channels to achieve scale and performance,” Sandro Roco, Sr. Manager of Marketing at Bombfell said. “With Taboola, we exceeded our expectation for conversions.”

When they reached out to us originally, they wanted to find additional channels other than social, search and paid services to help them achieve their goals and scale. What they got was even more than they bargained for.

Almost doubling their web traffic led to huge scale in mobile conversions.

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Bombfell used Taboola’s discovery platform to scale traffic and increase landing page conversions. Working with their assigned team of account managers, they optimized their creative strategy for mobile and ended up with a 960 percent increase in mobile conversions.

This is particularly impressive because Bombfell is looking for a very particular type of customer. Their service allows customers to receive hand-picked clothing from a personal stylist, and they’re able to try them on in the comfort of their own homes.

In order to convert, the potential customers have to go through a slightly lengthy process. First, they fill out a form to learn the correct fit and style, and then customers preview the clothing to approve before it ships.

The process is worth it for the customer—service is Bombfell’s focus, and it’s the service and assistance that really makes the difference in the customer’s life, not the clothes per se.

This longer conversion process is what makes this major jump in mobile sign-ups so impressive. Usually, mobile users have short attentions spans, but with Taboola, Bombfell was able to reach the right audience at the right time to scale their mobile reach.

The secret to their success—clear messaging and an owned content strategy.

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After Bombfell started seeing good performance with social, search and paid channels, they wanted to grow faster. When they started using Taboola, they saw the highest conversion rates when they drove visitors directly to their homepage—but as their strategy evolved to owned content, they started to see success there as well.

They also saw a significant increase when they started to produce their own blog content relevant to men who were interested in focusing on their style, per Taboola’s suggestion. Where they really saw success was with their questionnaire, developed to get people to interact with their brand, and for Bombfell to learn more about their style.

They went from relying on primarily performance-based marketing, where they drove new customers directly to their homepage, to creating a more robust content marketing strategy—and saw success—all with the help of their Taboola team.

Bombfell intends to expand their relationship with Taboola, and are now looking for ways to leverage more earned and owned media campaigns.

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