A great backstory for your brand can trigger an emotional connection between your audience and your company, as well as ultimately increase your ROI on any marketing campaign. So how do you best share the story of your company’s creation to make your audience buy into your brand?

Here are five tips to crafting and perfecting a story that will convey the passion that brought you to start your business in the first place, and may also serve as the backbone for your brand.  

Tip # 1: Captivate your Audience: Consider what life experiences inspired you to build your company and offer your products and/or services. As an example, the company You Need a Budget has a captivating backstory that chronicles the budgetary hardships of a young couple who want to start a family.  This personal life experience is both relatable and engaging.

Tip # 2: Create Anticipation: Every story has a beginning, middle and end and you want your audience to stick with you all the way through. Check out how Johnson &  Johnson highlights their history of their growth on their website, in a way that is both in-depth and simple.  

Tip # 3: Emphasize your value proposition: How is your brand different? Avis leverages its founder Warren Avis’ striving nature, who in 1946 built the first car rental facility at an airport, forecasting their “We Try Harder” spirit.

Tip # 4: Become The Lead: Every tale has a protagonist who navigates an inspiring journey. Elon Musk shines when he shares how his quirky ideas became multi-million dollar companies and his history of never letting failures get in the way of a new venture. His story inspires people to make a move.

Tip # 5: Fuse the personal with the professional: It’s been said that by remaining true to your authentic voice, you build trust with your audience. While this is true, being authentic means sharing yourself; be open and vulnerable to create allure.

So take some time to translate your passion into a captivating tale that will help boost your brand and your business. And remember, the Genesis of your company is merely a launching pad. Your company’s story is unraveling and evolving into new products and processes, which are just as interesting as their origin, and most certainly have their own stories to tell.

Guest Blogger Ronit Zimmer is the Co-Founder of Mailfixer, a community-driven, on-demand service for editing English emails, content, profiles, listings and more, in real time – www.mailfixer.com.


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