Taboola is bringing the power of Generative AI to advertisers across our network — revolutionizing how they create personalized ads. While we launched a beta version of this AI technology in February, we’re now inviting all partners who advertise in English to experiment with this new solution.

Basically, we’re taking cutting-edge AI tools like ChatGPT & Stable Diffusion and pairing them with Taboola’s extensive know-how — including our data-backed best practices, tone of voice, dynamic keywords, and content policies — to help brands build better ads. With our suite of cutting-edge solutions, advertisers can automatically generate optimized headlines, descriptions, and images that are actually designed to drive performance. The goal is to create more efficient and effective ads at scale while saving valuable time and resources.

As a global leader in powering recommendations for the open web, Taboola already helps more than 15,000 advertisers reach over 500 million daily active users across the world’s top publisher sites.

Now, we’re making it even easier to help advertisers take their campaigns to the next level with Generative AI.

Here’s how.

Generate Multiple, Optimized Ad Creatives in a Snap

Taboola’s Generative AI tools are designed to help advertisers quickly create multiple ad variations using natural language processing and machine learning.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple: Advertisers can query the Generative AI tool about their needs and then choose or edit the creative content that works best for their campaigns.

For example, an advertiser might submit this query for ad headlines and descriptions:

The Generative AI tool will then supply multiple headlines & description suggestions in just seconds, like this:

Pro Tip: You can also use the “rephrase” button to rephrase existing headlines!

Advertisers can also easily generate images based on a simple text or image prompt, like this:

Text to Image:

Image to Image:

The tool can then generate a selection of brand-new images completely created by AI technology.

Pro tip: Use image prompt helpers to access advanced features like camera focus, color adjustments, and lighting control. These additions help guide image prompts and create captivating visuals that significantly contribute to ad success.

Build More Affordable, Efficient, and Engaging Ads

The results aren’t just quick; they’re also high-quality and effective. In fact, the biggest benefits of using Taboola’s Generative AI tools include:

  • Affordable creatives. Generative AI can suggest unique images and headlines — not stock creatives — in seconds, reducing your need for in-house resources and spending.
  • Efficient processes. Access Generative AI tools directly within the Taboola Ads platform, saving you valuable time. At Taboola, we recommend testing 5-10 new creatives every 2-3 weeks to scale performance. These new solutions can cut down hours spent devising ad variations, so you can get back to building new strategies, optimizing campaigns, and reaching your business goals.
  • High-quality content. Ads are created based on data from tens of billions of engagements across Taboola’s network. Meaning, the AI tool can suggest creatives that already align with our best practices and are most likely to drive conversions. Our content policy is also built into our AI models, so ads are more likely to meet Taboola’s CRT requirements and be approved quickly.
  • Enhanced personalization. Generative AI will ultimately allow us to tailor ads to each individual. Because it’s not just about matching the right product to the right person. It’s also about finding the right words, imagery, and style that appeal to each customer, resulting in more engaging ads.
  • Increased performance. Keep churning out new, optimized ad variations in a breeze, decreasing ad fatigue and increasing campaign performance on Taboola.

Leading the New Generation of Generative AI

Generative AI is taking the marketing world by storm. While it may not replace full-time copywriters and creatives, it does have the power to revolutionize ad processes and improve performance at scale.

That’s why we’re excited to be part of leading this new world of Generative AI. And, as always, we look forward to helping our advertisers take their campaigns to the next level with cutting-edge technology.

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