This month, the world’s best designers took to the runway at New York Fashion Week (NYFW). As the world watched, it became clear that the event’s future is evolving, which Vanity Fair described as “less about catwalks and front rows than cross-disciplinary imagination.”

As new events like fashion-centric film screenings, conferences, and superhero couture take the stage, we took a look at some of this year’s newest designers to see what was resonating with the masses.

We compared reader interest in Adidas Originals by Daniëlle Cathar, Bande Noir, Black Panther, Botega Veneta, Ganni, John Elliott, Land of Distraction, Marei 1998, and Saks Potts by taking a look at both views and time spent on web content that included their brand name during NYFW.


A deep dive shows the total number of sessions, and the total time spent in minutes, with articles that included the names of these designers each day, worldwide. The data was pulled during Fashion Weekbetween February 8th, 2018 and February 16th, 2018. Ranked by average number of sessions, these are the winners:

The Black Panther Fashion Line emerged as the winning fashion brand by total number of sessions.

When we took a deeper dive into content about our top designers, Black Panther, a line of custom pieces inspired by Marvel’s blockbuster movie, far outpaced all other brands in terms of the total number of sessions—the line saw more than triple the total number of sessions than any other line.

fashion week readership


High amounts of engagement with the brand was likely due to interest around the recently released Marvel movie, which Vanity Fair describes as a “a nice change of pace—and hopefully a new precedent setter—in that its cast is largely black, with many women who are given a chance to be heroes.”

Falling behind Black Panther is Bottega Veneta, Daniëlle Cathar, Ganni, John Elliot, and Saks Potts.

These were the designers that people clicked to read about the most—but once they were reading, the playing field showed other interesting insights.

Bottega Veneta showed high amounts of engagement, along with Black Panther.

When we took a deeper dive into the engagement with content about our top fashion lines, Bottega Veneta, which was dedicated to the host city, attracted significant engagement alongside the Marvel move attraction—the line saw more than 20 times the total number of minutes spent reading about the brand than any other of the runner’s up.

fashion week (3)

High amounts of engagement with the brand was likely due to local interest— described the edgy line as “a love letter to NYC,” and Vogue described its designer, Maier, “devoted to [his] craft, and the workmanship that went into these pieces was not only thoughtful, with its allusions to the skyline, but also quite elaborate.”

Bottega Veneta was followed by Adidas by Daniëlle Cathar, which in terms of engagement outpaced Ganni unlike our analysis of total sessions. John Elliot and Saks Potts brought up the end of the line, respectively.

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