Danish jewelry giant PANDORA designs, manufactures, and markets hand-finished and contemporary jewelry that is recognized around the globe.

PANDORA believes in responsible business practices and aspires to offer high-quality, affordable charms, bracelets, rings, necklaces and more. It is also a company committed to developing and manufacturing their products in a responsible manner; providing a great workplace for employees; and minimizing negative environmental impact.

When they started working with Taboola, the marketing team at PANDORA France wanted to be everywhere with their brand.

They ran native advertising campaigns for both brand awareness and acquisition on platforms that included everything from content discovery to display advertising.

The company’s acquisition strategy comprised leading search, social, native and content discovery providers, and they worked with outside branding and search marketing resources to boost brand awareness.

They used discovery to help bring the PANDORA brand to France.

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In 2017, they launched a Taboola campaign to reach new, high-quality audiences in France to further build the PANDORA brand in the region.

Although the company’s campaign goals in France were primarily about branding, with Taboola, they got so much more. With their campaign, they saw their conversion rate (CVR) rise 130 percent.

First and foremost, PANDORA wanted French consumers to really get to know the brand and the company. Acquisition was considered a bonus success metric, but Taboola content discovery marketing delivered on both goals.

The right traffic delivers more than awareness. In fact, out of all of their channels, Taboola performs the best for both KPIs, improving month over month as they continually optimized their campaign creatives to engage high-quality consumers at scale.

PANDORA has increased CVR by 130% with Taboola.

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To date, PANDORA has increased its CVR by 130% with Taboola, the best among all other native advertising platforms.

“We see better performance with native advertising than any other channel, giving us the opportunity to spread the PANDORA brand everywhere,” said Mathilde Phelip, traffic manager for group marketing at PANDORA.

“Taboola not only met our goals for branding, but also achieved impressive conversions through our campaigns. We have driven more with Taboola than with any other native channel.”

It is the quality of Taboola traffic that allows the company to see such a high conversion rate from its branding initiative. Taboola brings in relevant, high-potential consumers who spend an average of 217 seconds on-site – showing how Taboola algorithms hit the mark in terms of reaching the right audiences.

What’s next for PANDORA? The company is considering expanding its relationship with Taboola and is exploring new options such as video.

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