Recently a Super Bowl advertiser, Avocados from Mexico (AFM) is a nonprofit organization that has recently become a household name—how did that happen?

Up until a few years ago, most people couldn’t identify the difference between a Mexican avocado and any other type of avocado.

“Taboola offers a great solution for traffic and has helped us generate leads on behalf of Avocados of Mexico.” – Rodrigo Vallejo, Director, Ro2Media LLC said.

For those with a stake in Mexican avocados, marketing was messy. Done on behalf of the packers and the growers, marketing was separate and disorganized.

On March 8, 2013, the Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association (MHAIA) joined forces with the Mexican Avocado Producers and Packers (MAPP) to help promote a common brand for the industry.

When they came together, so did their funding, and the organization joined the most elite group of advertisers of all time—Super Bowl advertisers. The organization just spent $5 million dollars on 30 seconds of advertising time and received over 2 billion impressions in return.

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While it’s impossible to discount the success their Super Bowl advertisements have had on their brand awareness initiatives, did their ads directly correlate to their growth?

This information isn’t public, but we do know that the organization doesn’t just rely on Super Bowl ads for their success—they also use Ro2Media, an agency that supports several AFM marketing campaigns with Taboola.

We took it a step further beyond web traffic and boosted AFM lead generation.

taboola avocados mexico

Ro2Media originally began using Taboola’s discovery platform to increase web traffic to the AFM site. In order to achieve their web traffic goals, they leveraged several types of campaigns.

We helped them target the right people at the right time, with the right content to make these campaigns successful. It wasn’t until after they began this initiative that they saw not only an increase in web traffic but that the new traffic was successfully converting without AFM having planned for it.

AFM saw a 14% increase in lead generation from the time they began using Taboola, to today. With excitement, they adjusted their goals to include lead generation.

“At Ro2, we deliver media results for a variety of brands,” Rodrigo Vallejo, Director, Ro2Media LLC said.

“For Avocados of Mexico, we’ve used several digital media channels—programmatic, native, social, and search. Taboola offers a great solution for traffic and has helped us generate leads on behalf of Avocados of Mexico.”

For these recent advertising giants, brand awareness and education of the market is important. They have seen success through many channels—be it their Super Bowl advertisements or other initiatives.

But the targeting capabilities and quality traffic provided by Taboola has brought them the ability to not only spread their message but to turn that traffic into significant revenue.

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