Education is a year-round market. It’s not just about back-to-school time, as students and parents prepare for new academic years in school and college. It’s also about the start of the second semester, and graduation time, when students look for their next challenges. And it’s also about career improvement courses and resources for adult learners.

With education spending poised for a boom, it’s time for education marketers to capitalize on the trend. There are more consumers than ever interacting directly with brands, so there’s never been a better time to use education marketing to help them discover yours.

Our Education Discovery Benchmark Report reveals data-driven insights and trends to help you win at content discovery in 17 different countries.

We help you beat the competition by identifying the best opportunities for education marketers—times of low supply and high demand—to capitalize on.

We define supply by percentage of spend on a type of content across the Taboola network and demand as click-through-rate (CTR).

To get the full who, what, when, where, why and how of your education marketing campaigns, download it here.

Education Benchmark Report

Here are some of the highlights of this in-depth report.

Best Content Types For Education Creatives

The best content types vary by country, with articles, photo galleries and videos all represented. Worldwide, text content remains popular despite a high supply. However, the biggest opportunity for education marketers is with campaigns pointing to landing pages with video content.

Education Benchmark Report - content types

Creative Best Practices for Education Marketers

The Education Discovery Benchmark Report reveals data-backed best practices on how to build effective creatives for both video and sponsored content campaigns.

For example, consider making your next video black and white to improve both completion and engagement.

Education Benchmark Report - video characteristics

And here are some image trends proven to boost the success of your education marketing creatives. In contrast to video, using color images improves lead generation.

Education Benchmark Report - image characteristics

Download the full report to see photo recommendations on trends like distance vs close-up, photo vs illustration, text vs no text and more.

Our sponsored content recommendations also highlights the most popular keywords to include in your headlines to drive more clicks.

Time of Year Opportunities

For education marketers, certain times of year represent the biggest opportunity, and it’s not just in the first semester. Here’s when we recommend you increase content discovery budgets:

Education Benchmark Report - market opportunity

Competitive KPIs in Education Marketing

Finally, we examined all of the education campaigns across our network and identified the goals that are most important to marketers in this niche:

Education Benchmark Report - KPIs

That’s not all.

Download the full Education Discovery Benchmark Report for insights on:

  • Audience targeting (including sample segments)
  • Site Targeting and KPIs
  • Device targeting recommendations (for desktop, mobile and tablet)
  • …and insights on the best time of day and day of the week to deploy your creatives.
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