Each year, we honor the many accomplishments Black Americans have contributed to our culture and society by celebrating Black History Month. We pull inspiration from their hardships and successes, but who inspires black success and community at Taboola today? Meet Taboola Noir, one of Taboola’s employee resource groups (ERG), with the core mission to support employees through celebrating culture and community, diversity recruitment and outreach, and professional development and networking. Throughout the year, members of Taboola Noir host inclusive, educational, and engaging experiences for all employees around the U.S., and while we’re excited to honor Black History Month throughout February, we’re reflecting on this important ERG and how Taboola Noir inspires throughout the year within Taboola and beyond the workplace.

Why Taboola Noir?

With the mission to support black employees, cultivate black leadership within Taboola, celebrate black culture, and foster a strong pipeline of black candidates, Taboola Noir comprises members of different backgrounds and experiences across the U.S. and is driven by Taboola’s very own.

Darryle Brown, Team Lead, Advertising Sales – “Being Black in tech, it’s easy to feel like one of few when you walk into a new building, but Taboola Noir helped bridge that gap. It’s a friendly, honest, and welcoming community that allows me to be me, in and outside the office. Taboola Noir has helped my confidence, growth, and future. It’s truly a blessing in disguise being a part of this group.”

Nietoe Kelson, Team Lead, Advertising Account Management & Co-Chair of Taboola Noir – “I’ve been employed by several companies, and Taboola was the first to introduce me to employee resource groups. Upon joining Taboola, I wanted to become a part of Taboola Noir. Supporting diverse groups of various ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures, and genders was a welcome relief, as it signaled Taboola’s support for everyone and their encouragement of diverse perspectives. I’ve had the chance to connect with individuals I might not have otherwise met by joining this community.”

Nedgie Paul, Sr. Advertising Account Manager, Growth & Communications Lead of Taboola Noir – “Taboola Noir is a space to have even more support within a company that supports me so much. It’s allowed me to have an avenue to connect with Taboolars from all over the country who have similar interests and needs. Overall, Taboola Noir has created a great community for me to lean into and lean on. It’s been amazing building cross-functional relationships, developing my professional skills, and even getting involved in different areas of the business that I would not have imagined.”

Who can get involved?

While this energetic ERG is always open to welcoming new black Taboolars, the group also works to create an inclusive space for non-black employees to participate and learn about black history and from the experiences and perspectives of the Taboola Noir members. The ERG is currently open to new members, whether to contribute ideas, help run an event, or pop into a monthly meet-up chat. With engagement opportunities throughout the year, like Juneteenth trivia nights, holiday mixers through BERG (Black Employee Resource Group), recruitment partnership events, and Black History Month book clubs, there are plenty of ways for all Taboolars to get involved and inspired.

Impacting the community beyond Taboola

Taboola Noir is a special source of inspiration and community within and outside the workplace. Check out what the ERG members are sharing about how they support local and black-owned businesses throughout the year.

Mcbride Sisters Wine: “Their Black Girl Magic Wine can be found in any liquor store! Cuts & Slices NYC, originally based in Brooklyn, has two incredible locations to enjoy serious pizza with inventive and creative toppings like shrimp and lobster scampi or chicken and waffles!” – Tanaya Jackson, Staff Accountant.

Elect Essentials LLC: “My little cousin sells herbal oils, teas, and aromatherapy products.” Darryl – Team Lead, Advertising Sales.

My Pride Apparel: “My Pride Apparel was founded with one goal: to make clothing and apparel for today’s socially conscious black woman. Their products are meant to make statements and allow you to speak without even having to say a word and to help you to express your pride in being a black woman.” – Kim Peterson, Advertising Account Manager.

Topicals: “One of my favorite businesses is a black-owned skincare brand called Topicals. They’re devoted to solving chronic skin issues commonly found in the black community, and the brand is also known for mental health advocacy. Their product line has so much diversity!” – Nedgie Paul, Advertising Account Manager.

Butterdbodycare: “I’ve been using Butterd since 2018, and I love how the body creams aren’t greasy on the skin, and all products contain clean ingredients. It’s also great for all skin types, especially those with eczema (like myself)!” Leah Deboe, Sr. Advertising Account Manager.

Taboola Noir is proud to foster a community for black Taboolars and find ways to continue to inspire collaboration, development, and learning. Be on the lookout for upcoming Taboola Noir events by following our hashtag #TaboolaLife.

To learn more about why we are consistently ranked as a great place to work, check out the Taboola Life blog and visit our careers page.

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