Marketers in the home goods & decor vertical, these are the insights you need ahead of Black Friday

2020 has been far from a regular year for people all over the globe. For marketers, this has meant pivoting quickly, taking unprecedented measures, and thinking outside of the box. When it comes to the globe’s number one shopping holiday later this year, these same principles will apply.

When Black Friday rolls around each year, consumers head online to peruse the best home good deals. This year more than ever, you’ll want to make sure your brand stands out, so we’re getting a head start on the planning process. We’ve compiled the readership trends, creative strategies, and bidding techniques that home goods marketers can use to shape their Black Friday 2020 campaigns.

Readership Trends

A dive into pageview increases around certain home goods keywords gives an indication of the types of trends consumers will be latching on to this year.

Home Office Setup

As more and more companies announce extended work-from-home policies, people everywhere are scrambling to set up comfortable and efficient at-home work spaces, which should make it no surprise that the keyword ‘desk’ has seen a meaningful increase in pageviews, 91% to be exact.

Whether or not you sell desks directly, you can join in on this trending keyword by advertising how your product works on a desk, acts as a desk, or––if you sell desks––why your desk is the very best one for a home office space.

Use The Space You Have

Spending inevitably more time at home has gotten people thinking about ways to maximize (and enjoy) their space.

The keyword ‘basement’ has seen a 111% increase, meaning that if your product can be used to finish a basement, turn a basement into a home gym or office space, help keep a basement clean, etc., then this would be a good opportunity to mention that.

Re-Doing The House

On the topic of spending more time at home, people may also use Black Friday as an opportunity to invest in some of the pieces they may be wanting or needing for their homes.

The keyword ‘furniture’ has seen a 155% increase in pageviews, so get creative sharing how your product may fit into a redesign or a move

Creative Strategies for Black Friday

It’s always important to bring your best to Black Friday, but this year it’s even more so. Staying on top of the most effective image and headline trends can help separate you from industry competitors.

Here, we’ll show you how to use images and copy to increase clicks and engagement.

Opt for close-ups with bright colors and food.

Observing today’s visual trends can help you get started with Black Friday campaign planning earlier than you might have in previous years.Observing today’s visual trends can help you get started with Black Friday campaign planning earlier than you might have in previous years.

When selecting imagery that’s in line with industry trends, be mindful of the context in which these images will live—with more people at home, looking to make their houses as functional and comfortable as possible.

Test the keywords ‘single’, ‘store’, and ‘decorating’

Pay close mind to the keywords getting clicks and those with high competition to set your ad copy up for success.

There’s also an opportunity to use keywords that are yielding high click-through rates but don’t yet have a lot of ad spend behind them, like ‘turn’ and ‘perfect’.

See These Trends in Action

To create ads that perform, combine the image and headline trends. We’ve created a few examples of how these ads could look to get you inspired.

Bidding Techniques

Black Friday 2020 calls for a careful approach to bidding. In general, we tend to recommend starting wide with your highest comfortable bid, and then optimizing from there.

Marketing Home Goods & Decor For Black Friday 2020

As people’s homes transform from a place to sleep to a place to do basically everything, consumers are giving more thought to the spaces they live in. It’s important to get on the same page as these consumers and address their needs as they plan on having more time at home both now and in the future.

Home goods & decor will be in demand this Black Friday, and marketers can set themselves up for success by starting the planning process with time to spare.

We’re here to help you every step of the way as you plan, and it’s always our goal to make sure your message meets the right audiences now, and when a day as big as Black Friday approaches.

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