What are CPA Networks?

A CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Network is an advertising company which pays publishers for generating actions on its brand partners’ websites, such as requesting goods or services, filling out forms, or downloading apps. In this model, the publisher serves as the advertiser’s affiliate marketer.

Although there are several payment models like CPL (Cost Per Lead) or Revenue Share, CPA has turned into a household name by dominating in 99% of the cases according to IAB. The reason affiliates may choose to work via a CPA Network rather than directly approaching a brand lies in efficiency and scalability. According to Rakuten, more than 80% of brands work with affiliates, so working directly with a brand is an option; however, it may be better from an ROI perspective to split-test several products simultaneously before focusing on the one that’s the most lucrative.


Picking a CPA Affiliate Network

It’s often more efficient to work with a company, or CPA Network, that has already done the heavy lifting by aggregating required products and offers for affiliates under one roof. This approach reduces time spent on business development and allows affiliates to focus on what they specialize in – buying traffic and tracking profits.

There are numerous CPA Networks available, each with its distinctive advantages: some have years of industry experience, some have multiple exclusive offers, and some have the most convenient payment terms and methods; the list is arguably endless, and it’s up to the affiliate to decide which factor is the most crucial to their success.


At Taboola, our commitment to providing personalized support for each and every client is at the heart of everything we do. As part of this mission, we launched a dedicated department in 2022 – Growth – which is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of smaller, agile businesses that are looking to scale quickly. Typically, affiliate teams with under a few dozen employees fall under this category.

Taboola is the largest native advertising platform, reaching more than 500 million daily active users across thousands of exclusive premium digital properties. In short, whether you run a comparison website, a single-product landing page, or something similar, Taboola has enough high-quality traffic for everyone, especially if you leverage the best practices to ensure this traffic converts.

We welcome all potential partners to reach out and collaborate with us; if you are an affiliate, we encourage you to register with us and reach out to a member of our sales and support team to learn whether your specific offers are compliant with our policy.

Below is a non-extensive list of CPA Affiliate Networks that have a proven track record of reliability and scalability. Most importantly, these CPA partners comply with Taboola’s Advertising Policy, which can be one of the affiliate marketing-specific roadblocks for a fast launch on our platform.

Register on any of these pre-approved, policy compliant CPA Networks to drive results on Taboola:

Leverage CPA Networks To Run ROI-Positive Affiliate Campaigns On Taboola


Clickbank is a global e-commerce platform and affiliate marketplace founded in 1998; they’ve grown to be a large organization, spanning more than 20,000 various offers and generating $200m worth of annual sales.

You can read here to learn more about the partnership. Remember that to succeed with Native, it might be a good idea to talk with your Taboola contact before choosing which products to launch with. Some of the offers are highly seasonal, so running some research beforehand is the smartest option. If you are unsure which offer to start with or how to repurpose your existing social offers for Native, we encourage you to watch this webinar.

Perform [cb] (formerly Clickbooth)

Started in 2002 as a health-specific CPA-Network, Clickbooth went through an acquisition a little over a decade later, consequently becoming Perform [cb], one of the most popular destinations for affiliates looking for e-commerce, health, and home improvement offers.

Home improvement lead generation is a popular vertical on Taboola for two reasons: the type of customer intent and their demography. Leaving email details requires less customer input vs. making a purchase, so the cost per lead can be cheap; additionally, home improvement typically includes offers such as solar panels, which in most cases would require the customer to own the property to have the solar panels installed. Even though the cost of solar panels might be surprising, only certain age groups opt for them, primarily Millennials and Gen X. Native advertising is perfect for these audiences..

LVL11 – a Creative Clicks Company

Creative Clicks is an Amsterdam-based CPA Network with 13 years of experience supporting multiple verticals. LVL11 is their relatively young e-commerce-focused division, and their key distinction is that they produce their own products, of which they have many: Wi-Fi boosters, led masks, insoles – you have definitely seen them before.

Quite a few affiliates advertise e-commerce offers in bulk, aggregating them under listicles featuring several products and targeting particular (usually niche or holiday-themed) audiences. Check out this post to learn more about how to advertise effectively during the holiday season.


Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2023, GiddyUp has already helped its brand partners generate more than $1.5 billion in sales and paid over $250M in commissions to marketers.

GiddyUp operates 100% white hat e-commerce, ensuring that their offers convert extremely well and are fully compliant to run on every traffic channel, without risking your accounts. You’ll never have to worry about your accounts being suspended or banned because of a GiddyUp. The offers are evergreen, fully stocked with inventory, and deliver internationally, providing affiliates with endless opportunities for long-term revenue growth.


Maxweb is an affiliate network specializing in top-converting VSLs across numerous verticals. Video Sales Letters perform exceptionally well with specific audiences, partially because consumers love visual content and prefer it to written content in 9 out of 10 cases.

Unlike many other affiliate networks, their technology is developed in-house and has been battle-tested over the last 4 years. MaxWeb features both exclusive and non-exclusive CPA offers and boasts 24/7 support.


The Exness Affiliate Program has become among the most talked about in the brokerage space, spanning 350,000 active affiliates who benefit from high and daily regular payouts.

The Exness Affiliate Team, which has recently celebrated its third anniversary, originally started in 2019 as an in-house affiliate program run by the biggest multi-asset broker in the world. Exness has been reporting more than $2.5 trillion in monthly trading volume across 80 geos globally.

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