Bauer Media UK is the media group that currently reaches 40 million people through 107 publications such as Grazia, Heat, Closer, EmpireOnline, MCN, Car and others.

We’re excited to announce our new exclusive partnership with Bauer, which includes the implementation of our latest innovation, Taboola Feed, on all of the above publications. As part of the Taboola Feed launch, Bauer publications will also integrate Audience Exchange cards to help drive engagement within the site.

“As we continue to grow Bauer Media’s digital audience, one of our key priorities has been to enhance engagement while still delivering a best-in-class user experience that is timely and valuable, and Taboola allows our portfolio of publishers to provide a more personalised experience,” said Charlie Brookes, Head of Revenue of Bauer Xcel Media.

The Taboola Feed serves sponsored content, video and organic recirculation in a continuous feed of ‘cards’ that appear below articles, similar to social feeds, providing engaging and brand safe experience.

The key to publisher success is to invest in user experience.

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Taboola Feed, launched last year, is already nearly 15% of our business and growing, and I believe this matters, as it touches a fundamental challenge and opportunity on the open web—how all of us experience the surfing the web.

The more we create a consistent experience, something users love and are used to, in a safe context next to quality journalismusers will enjoy it, brands will move budgets in scale, which will in turn help publishers capture bigger part of the advertising market versus walled gardens.

We know users spend 50 minutes per day engaging in social feeds, and we’re excited to offer a similar scrolling experience to Bauer Media’s audience on the open web, and drive growth around monetization, engagement and audience.

By leveraging discovery and personalisation technology, we can boost the value of every visit and encourage users to stay on the open web, on publishers’ sites, and discover more content they may like but didn’t know existed.

Exciting days.

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