It’s no surprise that car customers are looking for ways to drive more sustainably and cost efficiently. As Taboola found, U.S. audiences read over 3 billion articles about automotive content in 2022. And topics like gas prices, electric cars, and supply chain issues drove notable increases in clicks and engagement.

The question now is: How can auto advertisers put the pedal to the metal and make their messaging heard in this crowded space?

That’s where Taboola Creative Playbook: Automotive can help.

The Taboola Creative Shop — a global team of expert analysts and strategists — pulled insights from our network of over 9,000 publisher properties and 500M+ daily active to see just what makes automotive readers tick.

The result? A comprehensive guide of content trends, creative recommendations, and strategic best practices to help shift your campaigns into gear and drive results. Whether you’re running video or image ads on the open web — or just looking to update your copy and landing pages — this playbook has the data you need to hit the road with your revamped campaigns.

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Here are just a few highlights to get you started:

  • Use the right keywords. Craft more engaging copy with high-performing keywords by using Taboola Trends to find strong engagement keywords, competition keywords, and opportunity keywords
  • Make it local. Personalize your ad creatives with localized elements like license plates, street signs, flags, neighborhood shops, and monuments. In fact, images with clear shots of license plates perform well on the Taboola platform.
  • Highlight convenience. Top ad titles invite readers to discover fast and accessible services to improve their automotive experiences. For example: “Make Your EV’s Battery Last Longer By Doing This (It’s Simple).”
  • Include colorful visuals that pop. Images of brightly colored vehicles in red, gold, and blue make a big impact in performance and tend to catch our users’ attention.
  • Hit the right word count. For your landing page, we recommend crafting a headline of 10-15 words and copy of 600-1,000 words, divided by 1-3 section headers. Also, end it with a clear call to action like “Select your preferred car model.”

Ready to rev the engine on your automotive campaigns and optimize results? Download the Taboola Creative Playbook: Automotive for more of our market research and winning strategies.

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