In 2020, so much felt insurmountable. Normal life was upended, and people everywhere sought out ways to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

Amidst all of these impossible feelings, the Taboola EMEA team decided to seize an opportunity and make the impossible possible: finding a creative way to collectively travel 40,000 km (or, circumnavigate the globe) in just 80 days.

But how, you may be asking, could the team do this without the ability to travel in traditional ways?

Join us here for a breakdown of the journey.

By Foot, By Bike, By…Paraglider?

Reaching a collective 40,000 km goal without hopping on a plane or train meant getting back to basics.

As some Taboolars began running and walking, others took to the water to log their kilometers via a swim, and one Taboolar even took to the air to paraglide.

Getting members of the team outside to try new (or pick back up beloved!) forms of movement was just one benefit of this challenge.

As Taboolars logged their kilometers, they found that family members were thrilled to join in, and that they could turn a typically mundane work call into an opportunity to walk-and-talk virtually, recounting their logged distances with co-workers working towards their same shared goal.

A 40,000 km is Sure to Have Some Highlights

40,000 km is a long way to go, and along the journey, Taboolars made memories they won’t soon forget.

What began as an EMEA-only challenge ended up roping in team members from the around the globe. Team mates in the Americas ran, biked and swam. Team members in China actually logged distance on The Great Wall! Plus, a Taboolar in Isreal managed to remove children from their video games (no small feat) to join in on the challenge.

Big or small, many moments stood out along the journey to 40,000 km, and the cross-geographic effort actually ended up shaving three days off the goal completion time.

That’s right: Taboola traveled the globe in 77 days.

So, Why Should You do This, Too?

There are countless reasons you should try this out with your own team—fresh air, exercise, a fun way to spend quality time with family and friends.

But, one of the biggest reasons of all is the undeniable team building it’ll bring. To start with a goal and watch it unfold all over the globe is an experience that will mean a lot to all who participated for a long time to come.

It’s not every day you get to travel around the globe without going too far from home, after all.

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