At Taboola, one of our top priorities is to help you to create and run more effective marketing campaigns. Today, we’re launching Taboola Marketing Partners, a new set of solutions that will make this task easier.

Taboola Marketing Partners gives you the tools to create better content, localize that content, build better landing pages, track campaign performance and create more effective videos.

Content Creation

These days, content marketing is a central part of any marketing strategy. But, with increased competition for web users’ eyeballs, that content must be stellar.

This also applies to the promotion of native advertising campaign content. Only the best content will give your brand the visibility and reach you desire. Our content creation partners provide tools to create and manage content that will quickly win over your audience. They are:

  • Fiverr – offering hand-picked professional writers trained on Taboola’s content guidelines, so you’ll get the right content for your campaigns.
  • Contentools – a solution to map and manage your content, create content workflows, and track content metrics.

Content Localization

Content localization is crucial to strengthen your global presence, personalize your native advertising campaigns, and avoid breaking cultural taboos. Personalized, relevant content is more effective. It reduces customer frustration and increases your leads and sales.

When you target native content discovery campaigns by location, demographics, interests and intent, you create more effective campaigns that bring customers closer to the point of sale. Our content localization partners are:

  • InWhatLanguage – a translation optimization and quality management tool for localization projects.
  • Keylingo Translations – a professional translation service for your native ad campaigns.

Landing Page Creation

Standalone landing pages offer measurable destinations for your native ad campaigns. They are the best way to ensure that you can track campaign results and identify what’s working, and what’s not.

Your landing page must deliver the same message as your campaign, and give your visitors a single action to complete when they’re done. Our landing page partners will help you to create and measure landing pages and websites for more success. They are:

  • Landingi – an expert landing page builder with 10 templates tailored to improve conversions from Taboola campaigns.
  • Instapage – a post-click optimization platform that helps you to create, personalize and optimize landing pages for industry-leading conversion rates.
  • Unbounce – featuring a Landing Page Analyzer that assesses performance and gives you instant recommendations for improving results.

Tracking Management

One of the secrets of success with Taboola native advertising is the Taboola pixel. You’ll get 2.5 times the results if you use Taboola pixel. It helps you to understand your visitors and customers and tailor your campaigns accordingly.

If you don’t use the conversion pixel, you miss out on custom audiences, including URL-based audiences, multiple conversions and intelligent conversion tracking. But if you’re not quite sure where to start, that’s where our partner comes in:

  • Airfleet provides expert help to get you started with Taboola pixel fast, and get your advertising campaigns converting better for you.

Video Creation

Your visitors spend one third of their online time watching video, so it must be included in your native advertising campaigns. Using video drives social engagement and increases brand awareness, but it’s not easy to replicate successful video campaigns or to know what to avoid.

Our partners will help you create engaging videos fast to improve your success rate.

  • Powtoon helps you create professional videos in minutes to use for campaigns and other parts of your business.
  • Wibbitz is an online platform for short-form video creation.

Our partners are ready to help you create winning native advertising campaigns, and help you save money with deals and discounts. Get started with Taboola Marketing Partners today!

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